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FSS Technologies cares about the people behind the business, saving you money with our cost-efficient systems and our guarantee that you will speak to a real person every single time you call. As a busy professional, your time is valuable, so we don't waste it with an automated system. We schedule meetings at times that are convenient to you and have quick installations that last less than a day.

Security Monitoring for Your Business

  • Benefits of Commercial Security Monitoring

    Keeping your employees protected is more than limiting employee alone time or developing safety trainings. Our Security Systems are designed to protect people and property from everything from fire and theft.

    Understanding the benefits of commercial monitoring begins with understanding how alarm monitoring works. With commercial monitoring, a team of highly trained technicians at a central monitoring station are notified when an alarm is triggered and respond with the appropriate steps.

  • Contact a lawyer for the specific laws in your state or country, but CCTV cameras in the workplace are very common. Employees should be notified about the ways in which your CCTV cameras will be used, as well as provide written consent that they understand the usage of the cameras.

    Installing monitored security, CCTV cameras, and fire monitoring systems benefit your employees by ensuring their safety and allowing them to work comfortably in a secure environment. Commercial monitoring also protects the material assets within your business from damage or theft.

  • What is Monitored?

    FSS Technologies monitors fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide systems, in addition to the security sensors, door access, and anti-theft systems that are installed in your business.

    Smoke detectors have been a staple in life-saving technology for decades. Our smoke detectors seamlessly sync with your alarm system to alert authorities to all fire-related emergencies. The experts at FSS technologies are continually monitoring your alarm system and are prepared to respond at any time—day or night.

    FSS Technologies uses an AES mesh radio network that creates a more efficient monitoring system with higher levels of dependability. When the fire system is alarmed, the fire department will immediately be notified.

    Heat detectors provide a rate-of-rise heat or a fixed temperature sensor. These sensors efficiently detect smoldering fires, as well as fast flaming fires. This device gathers information from its sensing elements and converts this data into digital signals and sends it to your system to make an alarm decision.

  • What About Cameras?

    Cameras are a great set of extra eyes to keep an eye on your valuables. There are multiple kinds of cameras that can target different areas of your business. FSS Technologies prepares you to manage all events, such as a power outage or adjusting cameras to work at night.

    Storing Security Camera Footage is simple, and video footage can be uploaded to the network video recorder or cloud storage system.

  • What Happens When My Alarm is Triggered?

    In some cities, you may be fined for sending police out if it’s only a false alarm. FSS Technologies’ security specialists will assist your team in creating a reliable call list that allows the security monitors to notify you and allow you to decide when to contact the authorities. If no one on the list is available, the appropriate emergency response professionals will be notified.

    Your security panel is the main hub of your security system. This is the brain that controls all parts of your system. The security professionals at FSS Technologies will walk you through all the functions of your security panel, so you can always be fully in control of your security system.

  • Who Can I Call if I Have Questions?

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