Security Systems for Home and Business

Your home and small business are unique to you, so why shouldn’t your home security system be custom fit for you, too? Here at FSS Technologies, we don't sell packages. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach like the do-it-yourself companies sell.  We take the time to meet with all of our potential customers to design the perfect system for your residential and small business needs. We will never sell you upgrades that you don't need. 

You have our attention.

When you call our company, you will always speak to a real person. That's our guarantee to you.  We know that your time is valuable, so we won't waste your time with an automated system. In addition, we don't make you wait to fit into our schedule. We will ensure that our meetings with you are at your preferred time. Because you are busy, our installations are quick and unobtrusive, most lasting less than half a day.  Additionally, our technician will take whatever time you need, to ensure you are comfortable with the operation of your new system.

We have the right security product to customize a system to meet your residential or small business needs. 

Residential & Small Business Security

  • Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

    The security equipment features a color LCD touch-screen design, quick view system status, and is easy to use without breaking the bank.

  • Video Doorbells

    Now you can see who is at your front door without leaving your seat. Be aware of what is happening when you are not home. You won't have to question who is at the door any longer, because you'll already know!

  • Mobile App

    Stay connected to your security system from anywhere in the world. The mobile app keeps you connected through a single, convenient interface. Our app even works with Apple watch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. We are everywhere you need to be.

  • Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostats control the heating and air conditioning in your home, and can be fully automated to work with your app for even easier use. Turn on the heat before you leave work so your home is warm and cozy when you arrive.

  • Door Locks

    Turn your front door into a smart lock for easy access for your family or employees. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere at the touch of a button, as well as creating unique codes for each person in your group so that you can control access and have full awareness of who is entering your property. Select from all zWave locks, or smart locks from Yale, Kwikset, or Schlag.

  • Light Controls

    Easily control your lights from any smart device with just the touch of a button. Whether you are turning the lights down or making your home appear as if someone is home while you are on vacation, there's nothing easier than smart lighting.

  • Smart Switches

    The smart switches offers the convenience of controlling your electronics from the app. You can turn on your home lights, as well as control the power supply to different parts of your home.

  • Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors have been a staple in life-saving technology for decades. Our smoke detectors seamlessly sync with your alarm system to alert authorities to all fire-related emergencies.

  • Heat Detectors

    Heat detectors provide a rate-of-rise heat or a fixed temperature sensor. These sensors efficiently detect smoldering fires, as well as fast flaming fires. This device gathers information from its sensing elements and converts this data into digital signals and sends it to your system to make an alarm decision.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can be fatal to your family and employees. Having a detector in your home or business can make the difference between life and death. They can detect small levels of the poisonous gas and alert your system to sound the alarm.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

    Cameras are a great set of extra eyes to keep an eye on your valuables. Outdoor cameras can monitor entry points to your home, and indoor cameras can monitor the nursery, the kids' playroom, or even the basement.

  • Water Detector

    The zWave water detector works to watch your home for any signs of flooding. Flooding can mean significant expenses to repair your home or business, so this detector can help you catch the problems early and save your wallet in the process.

Commercial Security

  • Window Sensors

    Ideally, you will need a window sensor for each window on the ground floor of your property. If a second story can be accessed from the outside at all, you may want to consider adding window sensors for each window that is accessible. We install sensors manufactured in the USA.

  • Door Sensors

    You will want to be aware of all entry doors, any time day or night. Door sensors take care of the work for you and will sound the alarm anytime a door is accessed while the system is armed.

  • Keypad

    Keypads allow your employees to easily enter custom security codes to gain access to certain areas of your business. This eliminates the need for multiple points of access.

  • Door Access

    Knowing who is entering your place of business at all times is essential. Our door access panels can be programmed to grant or restrict access to any user based on parameters that you set.

  • Motion Detectors

    Motion detectors can keep an eye on all things that go bump in the night. Any movement in the detectors' line of sight will be picked up and will engage the alarm system so that the monitoring center can alert you that someone is in your business.

  • Glass Breaks

    Glass break detectors can sound an alarm if glass in a window is broken. This is essential for any business, as windows or glass doors are easy and appealing points of entry as they don't require much skill to accomplish.

  • Door Strikes

    Strike plates reinforce your doors by keeping your doors shut until the security system or door panel allows it to unlock. These are vital for entrances where access needs to be restricted.

  • Card & Fob Readers

    Many of our clients assign security cards to their employees. These cards can be used at card readers located at access doors. Cards and fobs remove the need for keys. They can easily be added or removed from the system via software or your smart phone!

  • Security Panel

    Your security panel is the main hub of your security system. This is the brain that controls all parts of your system.

  • Back-End Access Management

    With back-end management offered in both, web-based or software-based system users can manage both intrusion and access control in one easy-to-use software application. System managers can now have fast, simple point-and-click control over every aspect of their security system.

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