With over 45 years of experience, FSS Technologies is a leading fire protection contractor and an industry leader in providing security system service and life safety solutions. We are more than a fire safety company or fire alarm supplier. We provide technology leading solutions for surveillance, access, audio and video, intercom systems, fire alarms, intrusion and residential security.   We also provide service, inspections, and monitoring.

Our mission is to make your life easier through technology.  We are committed to find the best solutions for your business, all while reducing total cost of ownership and providing world class 24-hour customer service.  When you call us, you speak with a committed customer care specialist, not a machine.  

FSS consistently delivers high quality customer satisfaction because we are focused on attracting, training, and retaining the best talent in the security industry.  Each member of our team receives ongoing training, and is empowered to solve customer issues without hassle.  All of our technicians hold NICET certifications and are factory certified by the manufacturers we represent. 

FSS Operates under 5 Primary Business Principles 

  1. Our Customers Are Our Business!  We take care of you.
  2. Making Life Easier Through Technology!  Provide the latest and best quality equipment.
  3. 100% Satisfaction and World Class Service and Support!  Our customers deserve it!
  4. Provide a Fun, Enjoyable work environment!  Our team should look forward to Monday. 
  5. Attract, Train, and Retain the Best in the Industry  Invest in and support our employees.


Companies Acquired

Fire & Security Systems acquired in 2015

Arlington Heights, Illinois
Fire & Security Systems is the root of our name.  Started in 1970 by Russ and Betty Rogers, Fire & Security Systems quickly became a leader in the fire alarm and security industry across the Chicagoland area.  Fire & Security Systems was the leader in providing AES radio monitoring for the local municipalities.  In 1986, Russ and Betty sold the company to their son-in-laws John Fischer and Kevin Preble who continued to build the legacy.  In 2015, John and Kevin decided it was time to retire and sold the company to FSS Technologies LLC.

Security Consulting Services, Inc. acquired in 2016

Farmington Hills, Michigan
Security Consulting Services was founded in 1993 by Jeffrey Siporin and Freddie Breitberg.  Jeffrey and Freddie had over 60 years of experience in the industry working for other companies when they decided to start Security Consulting Services.  They focused primarily on intrusion and fire alarm systems and taking care of their customers.  In 2016, the company was acquired by FSS Technologies.  Once the acquisition was completed Freddie retired to Florida.  Jeffrey remained with the company as one of our lead technicians. The company was moved from Farmington Hills to the FSS office in Plymouth.  Jeffrey and Freddie built a legacy that we are honored to carry on. 

Maximum Security, Inc. acquired in 2017

Chicago, Illinois
Maximum Security was a small family owned business in the Chicagoland area.  Their primary objective was to provide great products and outstanding customer service to their customers.  Started by Mark Fuhs in 1986 the company grew significantly up to 2016 when Mark decide it was time to start winding it down.  In late 2016 Mark sold the company to FSS Technologies and headed for the solace of his place in North Wisconsin.   

About the FSS Technologies Website

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Company Culture

Company Culture

At FSS we believe it's important to work hard but play harder.   Life is not about work, it's about family, friends, and enjoying life.

Work is important and we want to be the very best at what we do, but when work is over it's time to enjoy life.  Life is too short so we need to enjoy as much as we can.  We spend almost a third of our life at work, it's important that our team enjoy what they do and that they look forward to doing it. 

Meet the team in our Chicago Office

Meet the team in our Chicago Office

From left to right: Ed Church, Markus Williams, John Tebo, Penny Handy, Laurie Fischer, Samantha Mangrum, Gail Fischer, Carrie Sheridan, Michael Kimbrough, Jeffrey Handy, Jose Miranda, Jon Bowlby, Andrew Spicha, Jim Everard, and Peter Grochowski

Meet the team in our Michigan Office

Meet the team in our Michigan Office

From left to right: Garrett Handy, Josiah Pila, Penny Handy, Andrew Siporin, Bill Franklin, Frank Claxton (works in the Chicago office), AJ Gale, David Handy, Nataysha Handy, and Jeffrey Siporin.

Top Performers

Top Performers

We had a great meeting the first week of October, and Jeff had the opportunity to thank our people for the outstanding work that they do.
Top Performers
Top Performers

Notre Dame Football

Notre Dame Football

Recently, Jeff had the chance to take some of our technicians to a Notre Dame football game.  It was a gorgeous day, we had a great time, and the Irish won!

It was Jose's first college game ever.  Pete doesn't understand American football and said he can't ever find the ball.  We had a great time!
Tailgating at Notre Dame

Jim McNamara

Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, The University of Michigan

I want to let you now that the McNamara family has received some outstanding service from two of your employees, the first being Josh Gopp. We have had a long-standing problem with our home security system, and Josh was assigned to help us out. It turned out that he spent most of the day at our home, solving one problem after another.

I had asked Josh to help us with our three video cameras, which should have been a relatively straightforward conversation. However, your previous technician neglected to tell either my wife or me the password to our home system and nothing was written in the two manuals they left, so Josh was stopped dead in his tracks. After several calls to fellow technicians, who were not much help (they installed the system but had no clue as to the password they assigned to it), Josh worked his way around the problem and finally reset the system using a password that now is known. He turned lemons into lemonade.

To make matters worse, Josh discovered that one camera had a major problem—a nest of bees made their home at the base of the camera where it was fastened to the house. Josh had some wasp/bee spray in his truck and finally was able to solve that problem rather than giving up and rescheduling. Josh was very professional and friendly throughout the entire visit. What a great problem-solving attitude he had.

The second person is Tina who works out of Plymouth (I do not know her last name). She also has been very professional and friendly in the many call that I have made to her. Tina is a delight on the phone and seems truly to care about the caller and his or her needs. If she had any background in orthodontics, I would hire her in a second.

You have two wonderful employees in Josh and Tina. You should support them any way you can. Both are winners in my book.