At FSS we believe it's important to work hard but play harder.   Life is not about work, it's about family, friends, and enjoying life.  Life is too short so we need to enjoy as much as we can.  We spend almost a third of our life at work, it's important that our team enjoy what they do and that they look forward to doing it. 

Meet the team in our Chicago Office

Chicago office team

From left to right: Ed Church, Markus Williams, John Tebo, Penny Handy, Laurie Fischer, Samantha Mangrum, Gail Fischer, Carrie, Sheridan, Michael Kimbrough, Jeffrey Handy, Jose Miranda, Jon Bowlby, Andrew Spicha, Jim Everard, Peter Grochowski 


Meet the team in our Michigan Office


From left to right: Garrett Handy, Josiah Pila, Penny Handy, Andrew Siporin, Bill Franklin, Frank Claxton (works in the Chicago office), AJ Gale, David Handy, Nataysha Handy, and Jeffrey Siporin. 

Top Performers

We had a great meeting the first week of Oct, and I had the opportunity to thank our people for the outstanding work that they do.  Below are pictures of the top performers. 
top-performers-1.jpg top-performers-2.jpg top-performers-3.jpg


Notre Dame Football

Recently I had a chance to take some of our Technicians to a Notre Dame Football game.  It was a gorgeous day, we had a great time and the Irish won. 

Tailgating with the Tech's.  Burgers, brats, beer, and friends.  Had a great time and the weather was perfect.  notre-dame-2.jpg
This was Jose's first college game ever.  Pete doesn't understand American football; said he can't ever find the ball.  We had a great time!