What is Video Alarm Verification?

Dec 14, 2021

Video alarm verification is not a new technology, but rather an underused one. Video alarm verification adds an extra element to your overall security by partnering your security system with an alarm monitoring center. When an alarm is triggered, video alarm verification allows employees at the alarm monitoring center to view the situation silently without tipping off any criminals. Staff can then contact emergency services while also confirming the emergency is factual.

What Makes Video Alarm Verification Different?


Video verification alarms offer far more comprehensive coverage than traditional alarms that might only cover points of entry. Older systems might not even activate until the intruder is already inside your property.


Thanks to the nature of this technology, video recording is isolated to specific events that trigger the alarm. Unlike traditional closed-circuit television, you won’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time filtering through video to find specific instances.


Some security systems operate in such a manner that when the alarm is tripped, a monitoring system employee will then call to confirm that a crime is in progress. This tactic has proven to be ineffective. However, with video alarm verification, the monitoring company immediately knows that a crime is in progress and notifies authorities.

Fewer False Alarms

 Video verification has drastically decreased the number of false alarms. With immediate monitoring, any false alarms can be negated without wasting resources of local emergency services. This also helps increase urgency from law enforcement since there is a verified crime occurring. Some municipalities have established fines for false alarms. In fact, some police departments such as the City of Eugene, Oregon, have instituted Verified Alarm Response policies that allow officers to ignore unverified alarms. 

Higher Arrest Rate

Video alarm verification contributes to higher arrest rates in two ways. Firstly, video footage is typically captured silently so intruders are often unaware they are being watched. This allows authorities to arrive without tipping off any criminals. Secondly, video footage is often captured before, during, and after a break-in, so it can be used as evidence for any subsequent legal proceedings.

The added efficiency and effectiveness of video verification takes every security system to the next level. Not only does video verification technology give consumers additional peace of mind and safeguards, but it also helps law enforcement in their respective efforts. FSS Technologies can outfit your business with the latest and greatest in video verification and alarm monitoring technology. Contact our friendly security professionals today!

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