Best Security Setup for Small Business

Jun 25, 2019

Small Business Security Systems

While no two small businesses are alike, there are commonalities they share when it comes to what they want in a security system. Small business owners essentially want to do three things:
  • Protect their people, property, and assets from fire
  • Protect their people, property, and assets from theft
  • See what is happening in their business even when they aren’t there
With these basic needs in mind, here are some common features you should look for when setting up a small business security system.
Fire prevention is one of the first needs small business owners must tackle

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is one of the first needs small business owners must tackle. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), your local Authority Having Jurisdiction, and your insurance company will let you know what type of fire protection system you are required to have in your business to meet national and local codes.

Fire protection systems include:
  • Smoke detectors – Smoke detectors emit a local alarm to alert people in the area of the detector to evacuate.
  • Fire extinguishers – Fire extinguishers are used to extinguish small fires with jets of water, foam, or gas.
  • Fire alarm systems – Fire alarm systems usually consist of one or more smoke detectors that connect to a central alarm system. If smoke is detected by any of the detectors or if someone manually activates the system, visible and audible warnings will sound to alert people throughout the building to evacuate. The system may connect to a central monitoring station, which will alert the proper authorities to respond.
  • Sprinkler systems – Sprinkler systems help keep the fire from spreading through a building by spraying water in an area where a high temperature is detected.

Security cameras are a small business owner’s best friend

Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is best tackled in two ways for a small business: security cameras and sensors.
Security cameras are a small business owner’s best friend. At a minimum, they should be placed at the main entrances and exits of your business, as well as by the cash register and in the stock room, if you are running a retail business.

In addition to cameras, security sensors also are highly desired by small business owners to prevent theft. The most common sensors chosen by small business owners are door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, and glass break sensors.   

You can do everything on your smartphone for your alarm system

Convenience Is Now in Your Pocket

Keeping an eye on your business even when you aren’t there is easier than ever with today’s technology.

Fire alarm systems, cameras, and sensors all can be connected to your security system through wired or wireless technology, and then easily accessible through your smartphone.

You can do everything on your smartphone from arming and disarming your security system to locking and unlocking doors to receiving instant text alerts when a sensor goes off to watching surveillance videos.

Ensuring the safety and security of your people, property, and assets is an important part of managing your business. Fire and security systems today offer more features with greater ease of use than ever before.

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