ADT Home Security Settlement

Feb 14, 2019

What should you know about the ADT home security settlement case, even if you aren’t affected?

A well-known security company is currently in the process of a class-action settlement At issue: plaintiffs allege that ADT failed to disclose to its customers the vulnerability of the wireless sensors to evasion and jamming using electronic devices.

Why should you care? If you have or are considering any type of home security system, it's crucial you clearly understand the vulnerabilities of any system.

Let's talk about wireless technology for a second. All home Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to hacking. There have been several wireless protocols developed to protect home wireless networks (keep uninvited guests off your network, encrypt your data, etc.), but they can be hacked.

The encryption protocols used to protect home wireless networks include WEP, WPA, and WPA2. There are things you can do to make it harder for these protocols to be hacked, such as changing default Wi-Fi network names and setting complex passwords, but that still doesn't mean they're foolproof. Don't believe us? Check out how easy it was in this article from TrendMicro.

Another way that wireless home security systems can fail? Search home alarm jammer in your internet browser. Yep, it's a real thing, and it exists to block the radio signals that allow the sensors and keypad monitor on your home security system to communicate with one another. If the sensors can't talk to the monitor, someone can open a window or door without triggering an alarm.

Finally, many wireless home security systems don't come with monitoring of the alarm included in their costs. It makes the system less expensive, but it also means that only you are notified in the event of an emergency. Not the police or fire department.

There are lots of advantages to wireless technology, don't get us wrong. Wireless technology has made it possible for home security systems to be easier to install and for us to use our cell phones to see who is at the front door. It's impressive stuff, but don't let slick commercials and ads lull for DIY home security lull you into a false sense of security.

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