How Landscaping Affects Your Security

Jan 24, 2022

High Visibility

When it comes to the landscaping around your home or business, there are several considerations to keep in mind that could affect your overall security. While some of these suggestions seem automatic, others are more subtle and could have a huge impact.


Having effective lighting around your home offers safety and security in numerous ways. Criminals might be instantly deterred by the removal of dark hiding spots. Appropriate lighting also provides benefits for welcome guests and their safety. Areas that should be well lit include parking lots, sidewalks and paths, entryways, and areas around security cameras.

Open Fencing

Property owners often think privacy fencing is the best solution to prevent others from seeing into their yards; however, it could pose an issue. Choosing chain link or iron fencing can keep out unwanted guests without negatively affecting your line of sight.

Blind Spot Elimination

Eliminating blind spots from your property can exponentially increase your security. If simply trimming shrubbery doesn’t do the trick, many property owners choose to install things like convex mirrors.

Plant and Greenery Considerations


Having effective landscaping can be traced back to choosing the correct plants and shrubbery. There are opportunities for plants to serve numerous functions that visually enhance your property while also providing natural forms of protection.

Know Before Planting

Whether you’re starting your landscaping journey from scratch or just wanting a change, you might be in the market for a variety of plants. Before making those purchases, make sure that you’re fully aware of how your plants will grow and mature. The last thing you want is a plant that grows too large and poses a security problem. It’s also important to know how a plant’s root system might affect your property. If planting trees, keep in mind that the root system could potentially cause safety concerns such as uneven surfaces or cracked walkways.

Protective Plants and Rocks

If you’re hoping to outfit your property with landscaping that is both protective and aesthetically pleasing, options do exist. Many people choose to deter unwanted visitors with prickly plants such as cacti or roses because they are both attractive and effective. Another option might be to line areas with rocks or gravel because walking on rocks can produce quite a bit of noise. If intruders cannot move in silence, they are more likely to move on.

Proper Maintenance

These aforementioned tips can easily set you up for success, but without proper maintenance, it could all be for nothing. Having an overgrown space could easily make you a target for intruders. Regularly mowing grass and removing any fallen debris lets passersby know that the property is subject to a constant flow of traffic.

Maintaining a safe and attractive property also provides benefits such as a form of natural access control. It can also aid in clearly identifying territory lines and differentiating public from private property.

The experts at FSS Technologies can provide a full security audit and make recommendations on how to better increase the safety and security of your home or business.

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