Does My Business Need an Access Control System?

Sep 09, 2021

Does My Business Need an Access Control System?

Before determining whether your business could benefit from an access control system, let’s first discuss what it is and the types available. In short, an access control system is a type of security system that lets you control who, where, and when someone can enter or exit your building. There are also four unique types of access control systems:

  • Key fob or access card

  • Mobile phone access

  • Pin code or password

  • Biometric

Key Fob or Access Card

These are the most basic and widely used versions of an access control system. These devices typically connect to a key chain or can be stored in a wallet, and they have authentication data built in. Business owners can install door readers at every access point they wish.

Mobile Phone Access

With the ever-expanding possibilities of modern mobile phones, some businesses are shifting to mobile access control systems. Some versions of this access control system use an app that allows employees to enter and exit. Not only can you control physical access, but this can also be used to control access to sensitive data.

Pin Code or Password

This access control system uses a “keyless” approach by placing an alphanumeric keypad at each access point. Employees use assigned unique pins or passwords to gain access to authorized areas.


The use of biometric data within access control systems is the most advanced and the most foolproof. The types of systems use things like fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scanners to grant access. Companies that require high levels of security might engage this type of access control system or use it in conjunction with another form as two-factor authentication.


What are the Benefits of an Access Control System?

Aside from the obvious benefit of restricting entry of unauthorized personnel, there are several secondary benefits that can make your life and your employees’ lives easier. Check out our list below.

  • Allows for contactless entry

Businesses are choosing to limit direct contact with both employees and visitors to help prevent the unnecessary spread of germs.

  • Access can be personalized

Each employee or visitor can have personalized levels of access. Employee profiles can easily be edited as permissions are granted or removed.

  • Eradicate key issues

Businesses aren’t left to rekey their doors as employees leave the company. Since there is no door key associated with access, businesses can instantly deactivate a key fob or access card profile and they don’t have to worry about an employee potentially making a copy.

  • Activity logs

With employees having personalized access, businesses can determine entry and exit of each employee. If an incident occurs, a business will know exactly who was there.

  • Automated and remote access

Access can be programmed remotely and can be set for limited access across each level. This can come in handy if vendors need access to your building while you’re away. If your business is ready to take the next step toward an access control system, FSS Technologies can easily provide a commitment-free estimate.

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