Inside the Mind of a Burglar

What Message Are You Sending?

Whether you know it or not, your business could send a message to potential burglars about how easy or difficult it is to break in. Professional thieves can quickly assess a property, also known as “casing,” to determine if it could be an easy and lucrative target. Unfortunately, many employees and business owners unknowingly do things every day that could entice a burglary.

  • Everyone knows the basics of security—lock all your doors and make sure your security system is engaged (hopefully you have one!). But you can do a lot more to protect your business. Have you considered conducting a security audit of your business? Knowing that all your existing security measures are working properly is the best place to start. One broken exterior light or window lock could make all the difference.

  • Lock up anything of value. Items like vault keys, bank bags, or expensive pieces of technology should all be locked up in case thieves are able to gain internal access. An added layer of security for costly items could prove beneficial.

  • Keep the outside of your business tidy. Making sure that trash is picked up and shrubbery is pruned can make a significant difference. Large shrubs are easy to hide behind, and an untidy exterior can send a message to burglars that you are absent for extended periods of time.

  • Collect mail in a timely fashion. Do you plan to close your business for an extended holiday break or a long weekend? Make sure you don’t let mail accumulate. That could send a message to burglars that no one is around.

  • Be aware of crime in the area. Criminals often revisit areas they are familiar with or have had previous access to.

  • Track access. Ensure that you know exactly who has a key to your business. You could even go so far as to install an access control system for your business for even tighter control. FSS Technologies proudly partners with Openpath, an elite provider of commercial access control systems.

Make Them Think Twice

Making sure that your business is secure to both professional thieves and amateur “opportunity thieves” cannot be understated. Typically, burglars want to be quick so the more obstacles you place in their path, the better.

In the end, the best way to deter a burglar is by hiring the experts. A professional security team consisting of 24/7 live monitoring will keep a watchful eye on your business. These companies are also likely to outfit your business with things like stickers and yard signs advertising their services, which also act as an excellent intruder deterrent.

When you’re ready to discuss how professional security monitoring can safeguard your business, give our friendly team of security experts a call.

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