Avigilon Alta: The Industry’s Leader in Commercial Access Control

With the rise in popularity of hybrid workspaces and flexible scheduling, more business owners are turning to access control systems to secure their investments. Not only are access control systems the latest standard for commercial security, but FSS Technologies is a proud partner with Avigilon Alta, the leading access control system manufacturer.

Why Avigilon Alta?

Avigilon Alta (or Alta for short) access control systems are incredibly diverse and offer customers various uses. These systems allow consumers to personalize system components to fit their needs while remaining completely certified and compliant with the latest security and privacy regulations. This high degree of customizability also includes the ability to quickly scale their access control efforts to whatever size they wish, no matter the distance. Businesses can cover a single door, several doors in one building, or multiple doors across several locations. With the added ease of installation, Avigilon Alta access control systems are a win for your business.

Avigilon Alta's leading features

Many of Alta’s available products and features add layers of security and convenience. Learn more about these features and how Alta can help protect your business or commercial property:

Modern hardware with integrated video and audio

  • Avigilon Alta produces smart readers at various prices, from more basic models to advanced access readers with video and two-way audio. Other notable hardware features include wireless lock options, controllers, expansion boards, and smart hubs.

Total remote system management with cloud-based software

  • Access Alta from any web-enabled device to easily manage sites, users, and locations. Alta even offers an on-premises access control system for enterprise-level customers.

Seamless integrations

Contactless access

  • With various contactless options, there’s an authentic fit for every customer. One of the most sophisticated features of Alta access controls is the corresponding mobile app. By bringing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and smartphone location services together, Alta provides the optimum hands-free experience.

Flexible credentials

  • Alta allows access via traditional encrypted cards, key fobs, guest passes, and Apple Watch integration. With the guest pass feature, guests are granted customizable, temporary access via a web browser link without downloading the app.

Occupancy and capacity tracking

  • Living and working in a more health-conscious society comes with challenges, some of which can be alleviated with an Avigilon Alta access control system. With entry and exit readers, Avigilon Alta can easily monitor how many people are inside the building at any given time to ensure proper health and safety protocols are followed.

How do I get Avigilon Alta?

The solution is simple. As a premier Alta partner, our security professionals at FSS Technologies can outfit your business with the latest and greatest from the world’s leader in access control systems. No matter the size of your business, you can trust our experts to provide you with a well-deserved peace of mind with Avigilon Alta.

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