Do Smoke Detectors Call the Fire Department?

A common question when it comes to fire alarm systems is: do smoke detectors call the fire department? It’s a common misconception that your fire alarm will automatically activate the fire department or send a signal to your local authorities. Although some systems may be integrated with monitoring facilities, it’s vital that home and business owners know what their system will do in each scenario to have a complete fire safety plan in case of an emergency.

fire can become life-threatening in as little as two minutes, which means that building occupants must act quickly to stay safe.

Fire Alarm Systems

There are many types of fire alarm systems, including manual and automatic alarms. Most fire alarms and smoke detectors emit light or sound to notify the people within the building of a fire.
Many commercial buildings are also equipped with some type of fire suppression system that will be triggered in the early stages of any fire warning signals.


In the event of a fire alarm with a non-monitored system, the occupants are entirely responsible for activating emergency services and notifying everyone within the building.
If a system is monitored, it can be in one of two ways: self-monitored or professionally monitored. Fire monitoring is mandatory and can prove vital for your business.

Professional monitoring provides home and business owners the peace of mind knowing that their building is being closely watched by a team of experts. In the event of a triggered alarm, a fire alarm monitoring team will be immediately notified and can make the call to dispatch the fire department. In some places, there are codes and regulations that require commercial and residential buildings to be monitored.

A central monitoring station can even provide the firefighters with specific floor plans and system details about the location of the fire itself.

Why Monitoring Matters

Monitoring allows you to take your fire or security system from a simple alarm to a comprehensive network of professional support in the moments you need it most.

FSS Technologies monitoring uses an AES mesh radio network that creates a more efficient monitoring system with higher levels of dependability. When the fire system is alarmed, the fire department will immediately be notified. Additionally, they assist your team in creating a reliable call list that allows the security monitors to notify you and allow you to decide when to contact the authorities. If no one on the list is available, the appropriate emergency response professionals will be notified.

A Complete Security System

Alarms and monitoring are a part of your fire system but creating fire safety plans with your family and employees is one of the most essential elements of an emergency system. Education and resources can be provided to your team from management or sometimes organized through your local fire department. An emergency action plan is critical in ensuring the continued safety of the people who matter.

If you are interested in learning more about getting set up with monitoring for your home or business, give the security experts at FSS Technologies a call today!

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