Types of Fire Suppression Systems

What is a Fire Suppression System?

The goal of a fire suppression system, also known as a fixed extinguishing system, is simple, reduce the risk of a fire and extinguish it by using a substance. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a fire suppression system has detection tools that can sense the early stages of a fire, extinguish a developing fire, and alert occupants of any danger. As part of your complete fire security system, a suppression system can help you in early detection and damage prevention. The suppression system will work together with other parts of your system to alert the people in your building.

Elements of a Fire Suppression System

While the team at FSS Technologies customizes our clients’ fire systems to reflect their needs, there are many common elements that we utilize as a part of a fire suppression system. These elements include sprinklers or misters, chemicals, extinguishers, smoke and heat detectors, and alarms.
Most suppression systems are automatic and work to detect the early stages of a fire, but there are also manual triggers and pulls that allow employees to begin the suppression process.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent

These are people-safe chemicals that can act as fire suppressors. These agents are designed to keep your electronics and materials safe because they do not do the damage you would expect from a water sprinkler.

Inert Gases

These gases reduce oxygen levels to a point where combustion cannot be sustained. These gases are designed to be people and environment safe.

Carbon Dioxide

This colorless, odorless gas can help to extinguish fires with minimal cleanup to take care of afterward. Since carbon dioxide can be dangerous, this should be limited to small spaces and areas that are not filled with people.

Water Mist Systems

Traditional water mist systems have been upgraded to use less water and expel fine water droplets. Water is the most cost-friendly solution, although you do need to consider the potential cleanup and damage to property that can occur.

Restaurant Fire Systems

Kitchen fires are often started by grease or fat and require a wet chemical to extinguish it.

Industrial Fire Systems

An industrial fire system is designed to extinguish fires caused by a chemical or whatever material is being used in the building. Industry experts will select a chemical that will safely react as part of the suppression system depending on the materials that are used in your building.

Should I Buy a Fire Extinguisher?

The answer here is yes, but it is an incomplete yes. A fire extinguisher needs to be manually applied and may not have enough capacity to completely stop the flames. While your building will require a certain amount of fire extinguishers based on your local jurisdiction and authority, it is not a replacement for a fire suppression system.

How Do I Get Started?

At FSS Technologies, our expert team has the knowledge and the experience to help guide you through the process of designing and installing your fire suppression system. We have worked with professionals across different industries and we offer many different solutions to create a unique system for your building.

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