Kidde: Innovations in Fire Safety

Your fire alarm system can protect your family, home, and belongings from fires, gas leaks, and other hazards. FSS Technologies is committed to providing its customers with top-of-the-line fire safety and emergency prevention technology, which is why we are a proud provider of products from Kidde, North America's most installed fire safety brand. Learn about Kidde's products and how to incorporate them into your home's fire safety system. 

What is Kidde? 

Kidde is a company that specializes in smoke detection and fire suppression. Founded by Walter Kidde, the company has provided cutting-edge solutions and products for over 100 years through vendor partnerships, community engagement, and non-profit efforts. Check out what Kidde has to offer for residential and commercial fire safety. 

Smart alarms 

Kidde HomeSafe products provide a more innovative solution to home safety with groundbreaking technology that combines standard detector functions with air quality monitoring. Kidde was the first to create multi-function detectors listed by UL Solutions, a global authority that tests, inspects, and issues certifications for product innovation. Most HomeSafe products detect at least one safety threat, in addition to air quality, giving your home a more comprehensive capability to monitor for safety hazards. HomeSafe detectors can monitor your home for different combinations of these hazards: 

  • Smoke 
  • Carbon monoxide 
  • Indoor air quality issues 
  • Water leaks or freezes 

Kidde's HomeSafe devices connect with the Kidde app, giving users a complete view of their home devices wherever they are. The app provides notifications if a connected device detects any issues in your home. Additionally, multiple devices in the same house can connect so that one alarm will trigger all devices. Alarm systems can be tested through the app so users can ensure their systems work before an emergency occurs. If an alarm is activated, the app can be configured to send mobile alerts to approved family members or friends and alert the homeowner. If there is a false alarm while a user is home, they can use the app's Smart Hush feature to silence it. 

For homes that use voice capabilities through Google Home or Amazon Alexa, HomeSafe devices are an excellent solution because they can integrate with these smart-home assistants. Once connected, you can use voice commands to check the status and connection of your HomeSafe devices. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 

In addition to its HomeSafe devices, Kidde provides a trusted selection of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your home's fire safety measures. Kidde devices depend on household batteries, sealed-in lithium batteries, or direct electrical connections through wiring or outlets. Some wired options include a battery backup in case your home loses power. 

Kidde detectors use different types of sensors to detect smoke or carbon monoxide: 

  • Ionization sensors are more responsive to visibly flaming fires. 
  • Photoelectric sensors typically respond more to smoking, smoldering fires. 
  • Electrochemical sensors detect carbon monoxide through chemical reactions that create electrical surges in the device. 

Some Kidde devices use a combination of ionization and photoelectric sensors for more comprehensive home protection. Multiple Kidde devices can be interconnected for even greater protection; an alert from one device can trigger a home's system of connected devices.


Fire extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers are necessary for fire safety in any environment, residential or commercial. Kidde offers fire extinguishers for homes, vehicles, businesses, and other settings. These extinguishers use different chemicals for fire suppression depending on the extinguisher's rating: 

  • Class A - solid materials 
  • Class B - flammable liquids and gases 
  • Class C - electrical equipment 
  • Class D - combustible metals 
  • Class K - cooking oils and greases 

While some extinguishers work solely with one class, Kidde offers a selection of fire extinguishers compatible with Class A, B, and C fires. 

Safety accessories 

In addition to the essentials, Kidde provides accessories that enhance your home's accessibility and emergency response options: 

  • Heat alarms expand protective measures to spaces unsuitable for standard smoke detectors. 
  • Relay modules for smoke or carbon monoxide alarms connect your detectors to auxiliary warning devices that use sound or light, making your safety alerts more accessible. 
  • Test kits check if your home is affected by mold or radon gas. 
  • Adapters can help you replace wire-in smoke alarms quickly. 
  • Escape ladders can provide emergency exit options from two- or three-story residences. 
  • KeySafe lock boxes and cabinets can make key access easier for your family, roommates, or other authorized entrants. 

Connecting to Kidde with FSS Technologies 

Finding the right fire safety system for your home or business is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of experts is committed to understanding your needs and finding the best devices and designs to meet them. By partnering with FSS Technologies, you gain expertise from developing your custom system to maintaining it long after it's installed. Contact us today to start crafting your fire alarm system with Kidde devices. 

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