DIY Security Systems

Jul 11, 2018

By now I’m sure you have seen the advertisements for simple do it yourself systems.  They are supposedly easy to install,  blanket your home with protections, and whatever other warm fuzzy the commercials say.  These systems are the Fisher Price of the security industry, there extremely low tech, their sensors, are made cheaply offshore, the read range on the wireless equipment is less than 25', because the low tech equipment,  and they aren't nearly as easy to install as you might think.  

Aren't they quick to install?

Research is showing that approximately 40% of those who purchase these simple, low-cost systems send them back within 1 month.  Moreover, it also shows that 60% never actually get the system to work as they want.  The manufacturers claim that the installation process is straightforward, yet the average time to install is 7 hours.  Our research has shown that customers spend up to four hours trying to get the system to work before calling technical support. They then spend another 3 hours on the phone with technical support before getting the system to work, and like we said earlier, 40% send them back because they either can't get the system to work, or are dissatisfied.  
Most times when the systems don't work it is because of improper installation.   We have on many occasions been called out to a residence to find the door sensor's get knocked off every time they open the door, motion sensors that won't detect motion because they are installed upside down, or they are too far from the headend.  
In their advertisement, they say the system is set up to work during power and wifi outages and also can handle a bat.  Are they made of plastic?    The networks have one communication path, and that is through your wifi, no backup.    
So before you spend $200-$400 on a DIY system spend an entire day trying to get it to work and then have the hassle of sending it back.  Give FSS a call, our technicians will install your system in typically under 2 hours, and we guarantee it will work.  You won't have the hassles, you won't spend any more money, and we guarantee your satisfaction.  Oh indecently, we have installed thousands of home security systems, and we have yet to have one returned.   

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