DIY Security Systems

DIY home security systems have been on the market for years, offering homeowners the ability to order and install a simple-to-use system for their property. A DIY system often boasts cheap and easy security solutions for a home but are not the right fit for all homes.


As with almost everything in life, cheaper isn’t always the better solution and compromising quality or expertise can lead to issues down the line. For example, buying a cheap video monitoring system can mean you are sacrificing the quality or storage space of the equipment itself.
It may surprise you to learn that working with an expert team, such as the one at FSS Technologies, can cut the cost of your equipment while still providing you with the industry’s best and most reliable technology. Also, working with a team means you have access to them to ask any follow-up questions that may arise.


DIY Solutions generally also require DIY installation. For homeowners who do not have the proper power tools, ladders, or know-how, installing this system can be a hassle. And, if you accidentally install something in the wrong spot or mix-up wires when setting it up, your system might not work at all. You would trust a plumber to fix your drain if you didn’t have the tools, so why not trust a security expert with your family’s safety. The cost of a professional home security system often includes the installation fees and is likely going to take much less time than it would have taken you. Decide if your personal time is worth sacrificing for a project that might best be handled by a professional.
Research shows that approximately 40% of those who purchase these simple, low-cost systems send them back within one month. Moreover, it also shows that 60% never actually get the system to work as they want. The manufacturers claim that the installation process is straightforward, yet the average time to install is 7 hours.
Most times, when the systems don't work, it is because of improper installation. On many occasions, our team has been called to a residence to resolve issues with DIY systems that were improperly installed. Misplacing cameras or motion sensors can drastically reduce their efficacy and leave you with huge blind spots.

Contract Concerns

As we discussed in our blog, The Ins and Outs of Contract vs. No Contract Security Systems, many DIY systems require some contracts or subscriptions. Working with a local company gives you peace of mind knowing that you can directly speak to someone when you need help.

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As your trusted security experts, we are always at the forefront of technology in our field and keeping up with the DIY systems.

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Give FSS a call, our technicians will install your system in typically under 2 hours, and we guarantee it will work. You won't have the hassles, you won't spend any more money, and we guarantee your satisfaction. 

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