Why Cheaper Isn't Better When It Comes to Security

What is DIY Security?

The development of home security technology using wireless transmission connections and battery power has made it possible for DIY options to enter the home security market. One of the biggest misconceptions about DIY home security is that it is so easy that a person with absolutely zero background on audiovisual equipment can do it.

Prior Experience Matters

It’s important to think about a home security project like any other DIY home improvement project you might consider:

  • Would you feel confident enough to remove the tile in your bathroom and install new flooring if you have never done it before?

  • Would you rip out your kitchen cabinets and install new ones?

  • How about constructing a new deck on the back of your home? 

If you or a helpful friend have previous construction experience, then you may feel quite confident about pursuing these tasks.

The Risks of Doing-It-Yourself

If you don’t have construction knowledge, then you probably wouldn’t take on the projects above without professional assistance. They are too large of an investment in time, materials, safety, and the future equity of your home to risk starting the project and not finishing it or finishing it and hating the final product.
The same goes for a home security improvement project. If you don’t have any experience installing and operating audiovisual equipment, or anyone with the expertise to help you, installing a quality, effective home security system may turn out to be a much bigger ordeal than you anticipated.

Consult with an Expert

Before you jump in headfirst and purchase a DIY system, it’s worth the time to talk to a professional security company in your area. Local security companies are NOT like national corporations. These corporations might advertise a super low price on equipment, upsell you on more equipment that you may need, and then lock you into years-long monitoring contracts.
A reputable local security professional will offer numerous home security components from a wide variety of manufacturers. Local security professionals are trained and certified to install the equipment they represent. The equipment meets all NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) standards, offering the highest level of protection from exploitation and hacking.
It’s worth taking time to speak with an expert and get an estimate. You may be surprised at the wide variety of options that are available to you from a local home security company.

Speak with a Security Expert

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