Ins and Outs of Contract vs No Contract Security Systems

Many people see signing a long-term contract with a reputable alarm company as a stressful experience. In truth, contracts are in place to benefit both the alarm company and the homeowner. Developing a relationship and signing a long-term commitment to a security company allows you to get to know a team and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with working with professionals. Although many people would prefer to avoid a long-term contract by going with an online or national company, there are many benefits.

There are many benefits to signing with a reputable security company, and mostly this boils down to the fact that you can get to know the people who are keeping you safe. Faceless and nameless online companies are not as invested in your continued satisfaction as a local company will be. So, while a contract might seem like a risk, we believe it is a risk to choose the option that does not require one. Let’s dive into some reasons why you should consider signing a contract with a security company.

Local Security Companies are Human

Most home security companies require an agreement because they work directly for their customer.

By having an agreement in place with your security company, they can plan their resources to ensure that you have a prompt response if you should ever need their assistance. Alarm companies take pride in their customers’ security and happiness, often going above and beyond to make their customers happy. Because of this, they also tend to be more lenient on your contract terms. If you have a family emergency and can no longer pay your obligations, these local companies have an empathetic ear and are more likely to work with you.

You may see members of your security team at the grocery store or their kids might share a classroom with yours. Working with a small business is a great way to invest in your local economy and know that people in your community are invested in your safety.


Up-Front Pricing

Big, national companies will often advertise cheap and easy installations for their security systems. While this may initially be the case, you are often locked into a long-term contract. In some scenarios, hidden fees and price increases can occur over time. When working with a company that you cannot contact directly or one that requires you to wait on hold for ages, you might not get honest pricing guidelines.

While signing a contract with a security company can be stressful, being able to have a conversation with the people within the business who know and understand the pricing structure, can put you at ease. It can also help you feel comfortable with the knowledge that your price will not drastically increase without any notice.

Cable Company Security Systems

By now, you’ve seen the home security systems being sold by many cable providers. The allure is that you are getting an alarm system for your home and they are bundling your services.

While it may be appealing to bundle your home security and cable, we advise letting the professionals do what they do best. For the team at FSS Technologies, that means that we stick to security, we don’t try to sell you cable packages. Since many of these same companies have since stopped selling their home security options due to poor equipment or lack of customer service, many customers were left without options. Signing with a proven and longstanding alarm company can reassure you that you will have continued service for as long as you need.

DIY Security Systems

DIY security systems may be a great solution for some homes. However, there is no follow up, monitoring, or equipment assistance. Any installation questions or issues with the hardware is left up to the customer to resolve. By working with a security company, you can contact and can visit in person, you are able to create a flexible solution that will work for you over time.
At the end of the day it’s important to remember that contracts can be a good thing. They outline a clear expectation of both the company and the customer. Make sure that you always read any contract in its entirety and don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Be wary of things that sound too good to be true, and always make sure that you get promises in writing.
At FSS Technologies, we pride ourselves on being your local security solution provider. Contact us or give us a call today to find out why our customers love us.

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