What You Need to Know Before Signing a Long-Term Contract

Feb 22, 2018

Many people see signing a long-term contract with a reputable alarm company as a something to be afraid of.  The truth is that these contracts are in place to benefit both the alarm company and the homeowner.  Let’s dive in to look at what those benefits are.

Local Companies Are Human

Any legitimate home security company is going to require an agreement because they work directly for their customer.  By having an agreement in place with your security company, they can plan their resources to ensure that you have a prompt response if you should ever need their assistance.  They take pride in their customers and tend to go above and beyond to make their customers happy.  Because of this, they also tend to be more lenient on your contract terms.  If you have a family emergency and can no longer pay your obligations, these local companies have an empathetic ear and are more likely to work with you.

Gimmick pricing

Gimmick Pricing
I’m sure you’ve heard this tactic used by many of the leading national alarm companies – “Home alarm installed for only $99!” What they don’t tell you is that they will lock you into a long-term contract at a one rate and then raise the rates almost immediately.  No matter how much you beg and plead, they will not let you out of that contract.  They are ruthless and do not care about their customers, only about their money!

Inflated costs

Cable company security systems

By now you’ve seen the home security systems being sold by your cable provider.  The allure is that you are getting an alarm system for your home and they are bundling your services.  First, have you ever tried to get customer service from your cable company?  We all know it’s next to impossible!  You’ll get the same poor service with your alarm system if you go with them.  Several of the cable providers that have tried this are already getting out of the business because they can’t service their customers.  Secondly, they are using substandard equipment, which is causing chaos for first responders.  They’re producing these home security products for pennies on the dollars overseas, and then charging you an overinflated cost to line their pocketbooks. Don’t fall for it!

diy security system
I’m sure you have seen the advertisements for a do-it-yourself security system.  Watch out for these systems, because everything looks good on TV and always works perfectly on the commercial, but never ends up as easy in real life.  Unless your system is installed perfectly, the results will always be different.  This equipment is substandard, produced overseas for pennies on the dollar, and then sold to the mass market.  Also, because there is no agreement in place, when the system fails the homeowner is completely liable.  Beware of these systems, they are never a great solution.  
At the end of the day it’s important to remember that contracts can be a good thing.  They outline a clear expectation of both the company and the customer.  Make sure that you always read any contract in its entirety and don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Be wary of things that sound too good to be true, and always make sure that you get promises in writing. 
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