How to Conduct a Physical Security Audit

How to Conduct a Security Audit 

Protecting your livelihood is at the top of every business owner’s mind, but how do you know if your business is truly protected? By performing a physical security audit, you can fully assess any threats that your business might be subject to and take the necessary steps to mitigate those threats. During a physical security audit, each aspect of the business and its security system are evaluated for functionality while lesser-known threats or opportunities are also exposed to close any gaps that might exist.  

Securing Access 

When it comes to security, there are some obvious necessities like functioning locks on windows and doors and ensuring they are closed appropriately. Also, if you already have a security system in place for your business, is it functioning optimally? We’ve outlined several tips below that might not be so obvious. 

  • Are vehicles able to enter the premises freely, or is the property gated? 

  • Do doors and windows close automatically? 

  • If your business has a dock or loading bay, does it remain locked when not in use? 

  • If large windows are present, are they laminated to prevent easily being broken? 

  • Are all access points well-lit to prevent someone from hiding to gain entry? 

  • Are access points monitored to see who has previously used them? 

  • Is your business monitored for smoke and fire along with security?  

  • If your business is monitored for fire and intrusion, is it by staff or a third-party? 

For an added layer of security, many businesses employ security staff, but the level of security that these guards provide can vary greatly. Are they present 24/7 or only after hours? Do they verify the identity of each person coming and going from your business or inspect vehicles? Also, if your guards do security checks and perform patrols of the property, make sure they vary their patrol patterns to reduce the likelihood of criminals taking advantage of a routine.

Keeping a Watchful Eye 

If your business utilizes a closed-circuit television (CCTV) or surveillance system, measures must be taken to guarantee that it’s able to function properly. Here are some items to consider when it comes to getting the most protection out of your CCTV system. 

  • Do your cameras provide adequate coverage of all aspects of your business to include the outside of the property, the building’s perimeter, and the entirety of the building’s interior? The fewer blind spots, the better! 

  • Are your cameras able to seamlessly switch from daytime to nighttime mode without issue? 

  • Are your cameras constantly monitored, or are they only reviewed following an incident? 

Making It Count 

Performing a security audit should become part of every business owner’s routine. This should include both scheduled and unscheduled audits to ensure that security stays at the forefront of each employee’s mind. While these tips and tricks can have you on your way to a more secure business, a professional security audit will better educate you and your employees on how to fully protect your business. FSS Technologies can easily help you identify the security risks that are unique to your business and supply you with a custom-built security system that fully suits your needs. Schedule your audit and consultation today!

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