Security Integrations with Avigilon Alta

Security systems and integrations

For business owners and managers, security systems are a key tool in protecting your customers, property, and commercial operations. There are several components to consider when working to create the best security system for your business, and there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. A helpful approach to finding the best fit for your business is to integrate additional security services with your main provider.

Security systems and services can collaborate with each other through integrations. By integrating compatible services, you can combine the best features of multiple security providers and improve experiences for you, your employees, and your customers. Depending on your main provider’s Application Programming Interface (API), you have certain options for integrations that are compatible. A great example of integrations handled by FSS Technologies involves Avigilon Alta (formerly known as Openpath), Livly, and Savance Workplace.

What is Avigilon Alta?

Avigilon Alta, also referred to as Alta, is the cloud-native combination of Openpath’s access-control services and Ava’s security camera services. The two systems were joined to provide a more comprehensive set of features for customers. The features and products of Openpath still function with the Alta brand, and the combination gives you access to a more user-friendly experience and enhanced capabilities with the features of Ava.


Integrations with Livly

Livly is an apartment management platform that aims to elevate resident and manager experiences. The platform allows residents and managers to handle all apartment-related affairs in one place. With Livly, residents can pay rent, book amenities, use a mobile key system, manage packages, and more. If you’re a property manager, you can track resident requests and manage communications with your community.

Avigilon Alta and Livly work hand in hand to create a virtually seamless user experience for residents and managers. Livly reservations, requests, visitor passes, and more are synced with Alta entries for door use, camera activity, and other security functions, so property managers have a better awareness of their community. The integration also makes it easier for property managers to manage reservation capacities and automate relevant paperwork.

Integrations with Savance Workplace

Savance Workplace is a service that leads the industry in workforce management solutions. Savance services enable business owners to increase the efficiency of their employees and their workplaces. Visitor management, employee time tracking, emergency management, package tracking, and other Savance features empower your business to function effectively.

By integrating Savance with Avigilon Alta, you gain access to a broader selection of features and take your business’ efficiency to the next level. Savance works with Alta to synchronize user contact details so that visitor badges can be assigned, activated, and managed in day-to-day and emergency situations. Visitor management is especially helpful if your business needs to manage access for contractors or other collaborators. Your employees can show an out-of-office status if they are checked out of the building, so your business has a better grasp of your workforce’s accountability and communication efforts.

Working with FSS Technologies

We are a proud partner with Avigilon Alta, Livly, and Savance Workplace, giving each of our customers the upper hand in crafting the perfect solution for their business. Our team of security professionals is knowledgeable, dedicated, and ready to curate the optimal mix of systems and integrations that will help you, your customers, and your business.

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