How Savance Workplace Can Work for You

Sep 21, 2022

Savance Workplace is one of the nation’s leaders in workforce management solutions. With a wide variety of fully customizable products branded for your business, Savance Workplace can help your organization take their efficiency to the next level. Check out some of our favorite services and products below:

Visitor Management

Savance Visitor Management allows organizations to centrally manage visitors and contractors for the entirety of their visit in a streamlined and fully automated manner. This system allows for multiple check-in options like self-check-in kiosks, attended stations, or touchless check-in. Automatic arrival notifications prove to be another useful feature. Once a visitor has signed in, their host will be notified by email, push notification, or text message. For an even speedier check-in process, Savance also allows hosts to pre-register their guests and supply them with a QR code.

As part of the Visitor Management system, Savance integrates an Electronic In/Out Board software. Through this technology, organizations are able to integrate accessories such as ID scanners, kiosk cameras, badge printers, and more. These boards also store information for frequent visitors and can help expedite their registration process.

Health Screening

Savance Health Screening has quickly become one of the most popular services available. With features like automated temperature scanning, customizable health questionnaires, touchless screening, and vaccine/test management, Savance adds an extra layer of safety to any business.

Emergency Management

Savance Emergency Management gives employers the ability to be extremely nimble when reacting to an emergency by supplying real-time reports of who is on-site. With a simple, tablet-based system, your organization can respond to emergencies on the go and quickly account for all parties.

Time & Attendance

Savance Time & Attendance offers an easy and flexible timesheet solution for employees and administrators alike. Not only can this service help eliminate paper or punch clocks, but it can also help minimize payroll errors. Employees can clock in and out by scanning or swiping their badge, checking in via a computer, or using a touchscreen kiosk. The Time & Attendance solution also allows for configurable rules such as overtime, breaks, paid and unpaid time off, and more. Remote employees even have success with this solution thanks to full mobile device and browser compatibility.

Packages and Integrations

One of the most useful aspects of Savance Workplace products is the many peripheral devices that can be used to customize them, along with the various software integrations they support for other complimentary devices and systems.

With accessories like large LED displays, portable tablets, branded kiosks, barcode scanners, printers, temperature scanners, and UV cleaners, there is sure to be an integration that works seamlessly with your business.

Savance also offers full software integrations with partner products. One such example is their partnership with Openpath access control systems. The Savance and Openpath software systems fully synchronize to allow hosts to transfer data seamlessly across both platforms. This will allow a visitor to check-in and have their badge printed via Savance while Openpath can dynamically activate that badge, making both systems work more efficiently.

The FSS Difference

FSS Technologies is a proud partner of Savance Workplace, offering our customers access to their products and services. We can provide a complimentary consultation to see if this solution is right for your business. Contact us today and let our security professionals show you how technology like Savance can work harder for you.

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