Elements of a Business Security System

How can I secure my business?

A business security system needs to protect people, property, and assets from theft, crime, and fire at all times of the day and night.

The people walking in and out the doors of a business are not only its owners, but customers, employees, vendors, and suppliers who have varying physical abilities and needs.

Quite simply, there is a lot more responsibility placed on a business owner or manager, and a lot more complexities in their security system needs.

Business Security Systems Considerations

Exterior Protection

Protecting the perimeter of your business is vital for overall security. Is there adequate lighting around the key entrance and exit points to your building? What about in the parking lot? Do you have proper locks on your main access doors? Door and window sensors are essential to alert you to any entry, authorized or unauthorized. Finally, motion detectors on the exterior of your building might be a good security measure, provided the sensors are in contained areas.


Access Control

Who can access areas of your business? Are there restrictions as to what times they can come in and out? Access control measures include things like door locks with unique codes for each employee or card and fob readers located at access doors. Door access panels can even be programmed to grant or restrict access to any user based on specific parameters that you set as the owner. Intercom systems or video doorbells also can help manage access to a business. 

Closed-Circuit Television

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are quite common in business security setups. CCTV refers to using video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific, limited set of monitors. Some businesses employ part-time or full-time security personnel to monitor the video feeds from these cameras, while others just record the footage to have in the event it is needed. Security cameras are commonly installed in areas that will lower the risk of incidents such as burglary, fire, or vandalism: near entrances and exits, by cash registers, in storage rooms, and hallways or alleyways. Video cameras also help monitor restricted areas of a building, lab, or industrial facility.


 A monitored security system becomes much more critical for business owners. There is a lot of valuable intellectual and physical property protected by your security system, not to mention the employees and patrons for whom you are responsible. With a monitored security system, alarm signals are received by a certified, central monitoring station whose trained personnel can take the appropriate next steps.

Fire Protection

Adequate fire and life safety protection equipment is essential for any business owner. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), your local Authority Having Jurisdiction, and your insurance company will let you know what type of fire protection system you are required to have in your business to meet national and local codes. In general, your fire protection system will have to include elements like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and potentially emergency pull stations. If your business has specialized needs, you may also need to consider the installation of other environmental hazard detectors, such as heat detectors (especially crucial in restaurant kitchens), carbon monoxide detectors, or water detectors.

Smart Switches

Smart switches offer the convenience of controlling your electronics remotely from an app. These devices allow users to perform things like turn lights on and off to conserve energy, receive alerts if appliances are left on for an extended period, or reset the thermostat when the building is empty.


Accessibility is an essential issue for business owners to consider as part of their security efforts and to comply with federal and local regulations to accommodate persons of varying abilities. Depending on your jurisdiction’s building codes and OSHA requirements, your business may be required to provide visual fire alarms, elevators with a recall function or two-way voice assistance, an area of refuge, or an Emergency Action Plan.
Ensuring the safety and security of your people, property, and assets is an integral part of managing your business. With over 45 years of experience, FSS Technologies is an industry leader in providing a security system and life safety solutions appropriate for commercial applications. All our technicians are NICET certified, and we understand the nuances of installing security systems in most jurisdictions.
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