Reasons to Choose a Local Security Company

Whether you’re considering investing in a home or commercial security system or switching providers, you may be weighing local and national companies. Which companies can you trust? Is there a difference in service between your options? Does a larger company necessarily mean better service? There are pros and cons to both sizes of company, but the advantages of working with a local security company like FSS Technologies might surprise you.

Name recognition

Just like most industries, name recognition can make a huge difference. While product information, reviews, and customer testimonials are easily found online for large national brands, local security companies may occupy less bandwidth online. On the other hand, a well-known brand might not mean much at the local level if a local dealer or franchisee represents that name.

At FSS Technologies, we are a proud provider of products from Kidde, Avigilon Alta, Livly, Savance Workplace, and other well-known brands. Our clients receive high-tech solutions from national brands along with the personal touch and care from our local company, giving every business and home an excellent standard of service.

Sales and installation

National security companies can involve high-pressure sales, while local companies are typically less pushy. Representatives for a national brand might have their hands tied based on the packages decided by the brand’s headquarters. In contrast, local companies like FSS Technologies have more autonomy over their services and can offer personalized solutions for any home or business. We can provide highly customized sales packages and installations to meet each client’s needs. No two companies or homes are identical, and security solutions shouldn’t be used with a one-size-fits-most approach. 

Quick and personalized service

A national brand might be able to onboard and install systems for new customers quickly, but they can be notorious for customers experiencing long waits on service requests. Local companies are often more agile and capable of rapidly responding to service requests, enabling your business to resume normal operations more efficiently.

Since most local security companies manage security monitoring locally, you can often experience faster emergency response times. With a national brand, calls and emergency alerts could bounce nationwide before reaching an endpoint. A smaller company usually has fewer clients, so they place a higher value on each customer as an individual.

Local security companies often have the personalized, caring touch that customers appreciate from their security system brand. Actual employees typically answer calls and emails instead of an automated system. Frequently with local companies, you might continuously work with the same employees from initial evaluation through installation and monitoring, which only fosters additional trust.

They’re your neighbors

When you work with a local security company, that company’s employees are your neighbors. They know the physical and cultural area and are invested in keeping it safe for themselves and their neighbors. Working with a fellow member of your community is an advantage for those monitoring and responding to emergencies.

When choosing your security company, remember that smaller local companies often use the same products and technology that larger companies offer. The distinction lies in local companies possessing certain intangible qualities, such as better customer service and greater familiarity. They are often far more connected with local law enforcement and community organizations to enhance your security and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a reputable, highly experienced company, FSS Technologies offers over 45 years of security and alarm monitoring experience, coupled with the latest technology. Our friendly and professional team members can provide precise recommendations within our Chicago, Detroit, and South Bend service areas. Contact us today to properly secure your property.

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