Tips to Prevent Your Security System from Being Hacked

The Risky Business of Ring’s Vulnerable Security and other DIY security systems can leave your home as a potential target for hackers or thieves. When you are investing in a security system, you are hoping for peace of mind, and you are trusting this technology with your safety and property.

Have I Been Hacked?

A hacker may send you ransomware messages or request money in exchange for your information. In unfortunate and scary cases, hackers may make sounds or speak via two-way communication features of a system.

In more covert cases, there may be subtle signs that your security system has been targeted in an attack. Cameras often have small LED lights or signals that tell you when a camera is being accessed remotely. If you are not actively watching a camera but the light is on, it could be a sign that your security system has been compromised.

Similarly, if your camera moves without your control, take immediate note.

Increases in your login activity on your security system or significant increases in your streaming or download activity can also be a red flag.

Paying attention to your accounts and activity in your home is a way to make sure that your security system is doing what it was meant to do.

How to Avoid Being Hacked


Change Passwords

As with any online accounts or services, updating your passwords with strong, unique passwords or passphrases is key to avoiding online hacking. This is true for everything from your account to your banking, so we recommend changing your online password regularly.

Keep Wi-Fi Private

Securing your Wi-Fi network also keeps the information and your online activity safe as well. If your cameras are attached to your Wi-Fi system, anyone who gains access to it will be able to hack into your camera feeds very easily.

Hide Your Cameras

For someone to hack into your security system, they first need to know that you have one. By hiding your cameras, you can keep them private. We have a blog of ideas for where to hide your cameras so that you can keep an eye on your property, without burglars or potential hackers being able to see them.

Keep Software Updated

Tech and software companies are constantly updating their services to counter new threats or to fix security bugs. By maintaining the most recent updates and software, you can ensure that you are protected by the latest additions to their security.

Secure Your Phone or Accounts

Some security systems include apps that allow you to access your system remotely. Having biometric security and other passcodes on your phone can help you protect your mobile information. Additionally, most experts recommend adding two factor authentication to your accounts, such as a phone number, email, or security question that is prompted when someone tries to access the account.

Keep Hardware Updated

Hardware is frequently improved to increase security. Pay attention to the news from the company that manufactures your hardware to see if there are ever recalls or security concerns.

Work with Trusted Professionals

One of the biggest keys to deterring a potential hacker is to work with an expert security team, like the one at FSS Technologies. We are always paying attention to the latest technology and focus on keeping our customers safe. When there are updates or improvements, we make sure our clients are the first to know.

Moreover, with monitoring solutions, we can be there when you can’t. Our monitoring team can respond to emergencies for you, no matter what.

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