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How Does Work? is a cloud-based service that allows customers to manage their security alarms and home automation systems remotely. does not manufacture security components, like alarm panels and cameras. Instead, its cutting-edge software is integrated into hardware systems provided by highly regarded manufacturers.’s partnership with industry-leading manufacturers ensures customers can choose from top-of-the-line security equipment

What sets apart? Products’s partnership with industry-leading manufacturers ensures customers can choose from top-of-the-line security equipment like cameras, locks, garage door controllers, and more, in a wide variety of styles and features to best fit the location they are trying to protect.
The same app then controls all this security equipment, and new features and updates are delivered automatically through the network. has versions of its app for smartphones, tablets, desktop, Apple Watch, and if voice-control is your thing, it can integrate with Amazon and Google smart devices. Integrations
Many existing home security systems also can be upgraded to become a modern, smart security system with is compatible with hardware from partners like DSC, Haven, Johnson Controls, Nortek Control, and more.

Dedicated Security provides best-in-class safeguards for the components connected to its security platform, like a dedicated cellular connection.

A dedicated cellular connection ensures the equipment on a customer’s security system will still work even if their telephone line, cable, broadband, Wi-Fi, and power are down.
  •’s cellular connection is reserved solely for the security system. It is not shared with other services, and it does not depend on your home’s networking and Wi-Fi.
  •’s cellular connection cannot be physically cut. There is no cable. Should an intruder attack the security panel itself,’s patented Crash and Smash technology will still signal the monitoring station for help.
  •’s security panels feature 24-hour battery backups, so even if a home or business loses power, the system will continue to communicate. partners with professional, local home security companies Dealers

Finally, partners with professional, local home security companies like FSS Technologies who install, troubleshoot, service, and support the security system. Home and business owners benefit from the smartest security technology on the market without the stress of going it alone.
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