Big Name Home Security Gimmicks

Mar 08, 2019

In our blogs, we’ve talked before about some of the watch-outs when choosing between a national home security company and a local company. We’ve also talked about the weaknesses of DIY security systems, and video doorbells.

Why Choose Local

don't become frustrated with your home security system
The truth is that home security technology today can be complicated. Signal transmission alone is one of the most difficult to understand yet critical features of any home security system for most homeowners. How do you make sure all the components of your system are communicating reliably based on the unique location and features of the space you are trying to protect?

If the elements of your security system can’t communicate with one another, the system will ultimately be useless, and you’ll end up smashing it with a hammer like a homeowner in Chicago did.

What's The Catch?

adt will upcharge your bill
Not only that, but the costs can quickly escalate beyond what you originally intended to pay.
A six-month-long investigation by CBS news in Chicago revealed hundreds of homeowners who have complained about gimmicky tactics and misleading information from an ADT home security reseller. The story is an important one to watch.  

Do Your Homework

research home security companies
It’s critical to do your homework if you’re considering purchasing a home security system. While the technology available today is super cool, it’s not as easy as pushing a button, and suddenly a magic web of protection appears.

Check your home security products to make sure they are certified by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) program. Research any company you are going to do business with thoroughly, and across multiple reputation and review sites. Understand the pros and cons of numerous home security systems before making a final decision.

Trust the Team at FSS Technologies

If you have any questions about the different home security options available, our specialists are happy to help you figure out what works best for your situation.


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