Local Alarm System vs. National Home Security Company

Mar 05, 2018

When looking for home security, you may find yourself stuck between local alarm companies and national home security.  A national home security alarm company will hook you in with gimmick pricing, but once they have you, you become a number.  Find out why more and more people are turning to local home security companies.

National security systems don't know and can't work on systems other than those that they sell.  They aren't geared to deviate from their product because of their limited knowledge of other systems. They are only focused on selling you a new system. If you have an existing system that you want to reuse to save money, they won't allow you to do that. 

On the other hand, local companies typically offer several products and their employees are trained to suggest the right product for your needs and budget. Local companies are more apt to utilize your existing system and simply retrofit it so that you can use the equipment you already have in place to save you money and provide a higher level of security at a lower cost.

security equipment
National security companies usually offer one product line. They typically won't look for ways to save you money and they aren't good at helping you design a system that works best for you. They try to force cookie cutter systems on their customers and those aren't necessarily what will work best for your home. Because the systems offered are usually subpar, they have seen an uptick in security breaches, as their systems are easily compromised by hackers.

With a local alarm system company, they will work with you to custom design the best system for your home and family.  They offer multiple product lines and can make expert recommendations to find your perfect solution.  They take pride in offering a system that will benefit their customers for years to come.

Pricing and Contracts
National home security companies are the kings of gimmick pricing and rising monthly fees.  We've all seen the $99, $49 or even $0 down installations advertised by these national companies. They start their monthly pricing $40, but within a few months you will be paying $50 a month or more. 

The individuals who work for the local alarm firms are your friends and neighbors.  Their first priority is to serve you. They are empathetic and willing to work with you on your contract and pricing. I can promise that they won't be raising your rates every year. 

customer support
Response Time
These national firms usually have one technician that will service an entire region.  If you have a problem and need someone to come to your home, you will have to try and squeeze yourself into their already packed schedule. And once it is your turn, those service techs likely aren’t familiar with your area, and you’ll find yourself on the phone talking them through directions and delaying your service.

Local security companies are near you and can reach you quickly and easily.  They have multiple service technicians and can usually get you scheduled within 48 hours. Because they are close, they can make emergency calls if need be. 

At the end of the day, you know that what sounds too good to be true usually is.  Don’t fall for gimmick pricing or allow yourself to become just a number to these national home security companies.  Choose a local alarm provider that is going to work with you and for you. 

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