Are All Home Security Systems the Same?

Home security used to be synonymous with burglar alarms, but this is no longer the case. Home security today is not only about protection, but also comfort, convenience, communication, and information.
All home security systems never were the same—there were different manufacturers, different types of equipment, and various providers. Today, there are entirely new categories of equipment and technology that fall under the broad banner of home security. The best way we’ve come up with to bucket them is under the banners of home automation, property protection, and life safety.

Property Protection

Property protection systems are the home security systems with which consumers are most familiar. These home security systems include components like alarm keypads for arming and disarming your security system when you enter and leave your home, window sensors, door sensors, glass break alarms, motion detectors, and security cameras. 
It used to be that home security systems were hardwired into a home, using the home’s telephone landline to communicate. Today, there are both wired and wireless home security options, giving homeowners more flexibility in placing and moving components of a security system. There are pros and cons to both types of systems, and consulting with a professional installer can help you determine which would be best for your home.
Another important consideration you will need to make when it comes to property protection is whether you should you get a monitored security system. A monitored home security system gives you the added peace of mind that the proper authorities will be dispatched to your property if you are not capable of assessing the situation or responding to an alarm.

Home Automation

Home automation technology is what powers the smart home. A smart home is a home where you can adjust the temperature before you leave work, talk to the delivery person at your front door, or start a pot of coffee while still laying in bed all with the touch of your mobile phone. 
The main issue to consider when it comes to home automation technology is compatibility. Devices, apps, and hubs from various manufacturers may not work well with one another.
The power and reach of your Wi-Fi network are also critical to set up a home automation system successfully. Many consumers are unfamiliar with their internet service provider and precisely what type of service they are, or are not, getting, such as upload speeds. If your internet is not sufficient, you will have a challenging installation experience (especially if you are trying to do-it-yourself), not to mention disappointing user experience.
Experts recommend installing a whole-home system, like, rather than trying to put together a smart home security system piece by piece. While there are tons of DIY home automation kits out there, professional installation is essential as you may need electrical experience to connect smart home technology with expensive components in your home like your HVAC system.

Life Safety

The third category of available home security components includes what we refer to as life safety—alarms and detectors that save lives. Life safety equipment includes things like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water detectors, and heat detectors. This equipment is critical because, in only two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening, and in five minutes, a residence can fully engulf in flames.  
Also, life safety equipment can include automation components to help older adults age in their homes, like those available from’s Wellness. With intelligent sensors placed throughout the home, caregivers and family members can monitor activities such as how much time they spend in bed, in a favorite chair, or out of the house. Moreover, the technology can learn a person’s activity patterns and alert you if anything is out of the ordinary, such as leaving the house at odd hours. This type of equipment can also pair with Personal Emergency Response pendants.
With over 45 years of experience, FSS Technologies is an industry leader in providing home security systems that provide both comfort and convenience as well as peace-of-mind and protection.

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