8 Home Security Tips

Aug 10, 2018

With more than 45 years of experience in the home and business security industry, here are our top eight tips for discouraging intruders and burglars from targeting your home. 

illusion someone is home

1. Create the illusion that someone is at your house.

If you are going to be gone for an extended time, leave a light or TV on in a room near the front door or other entry points like side doors or first-floor windows. You also can use exterior lighting and exterior motion lights to minimize places where a burglar could easily hide.
exterior door lock

2. Make sure all exterior doors have reliable locks.

Install 1-inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and lock all doors before leaving your home or going to bed. Replace the ½” screws provided with the dead bolt strike plate with 2 ½ - 3” screws. 
looking through peephole

3. Double check before opening the door.

Always check to see who is at the door before opening the door. Install a peephole if needed or consider purchasing a video doorbell system.
hide key

4. Hide the spare keys.

Spare keys are a great idea but leaving them under the doormat or inside the fake rock is not a good idea.  Give your spare key to someone you trust like a neighbor.
sliding glass door

5. Secure your sliding glass doors.

Growing up we used a 3/4” dole rod in the door; when I became an adult, I learned that rod wouldn’t stop anyone.  Use a metal spring-loaded bar in the middle of the door.
closed garage door

6. Keep the garage doors closed.

Your garage door leads directly into your home, so it’s important to keep it closed even when you’re at home. Your garage door can be connected to your home security system by using a garage door contact, a magnetic switch, if that is something you’re interested in.  

jewelry in a safe

7. Hide cash and expensive items. 

Keep cash and high dollar items in a safe place, such as a locked box in a child’s toy chest or on a book shelf. If possible, keep these items in a safe.

outdoor trash can.

8. Ladders and trash cans

Keep trashcans and ladders inside. If that’s not possible, try to lock them to a fence or a pole. Anything that an intruder can use to make their entrance easier is best kept away from your home and out of sight.
Today’s technology also has made home security easier than ever before, if a home security system is something you are considering. If you don’t like walking into an unlit house, you can turn on the lights with a tap on your smartphone. If you are on your way to soccer practice and can’t remember if you closed the garage door, you can check it remotely. If you want to see who is at the front door without leaving the couch, you can do that too.
These practical safety tips combined with the security systems of today, and your home and loved ones will be well protected. 

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