Vacation-Proof Your Home

When planning a vacation, you are almost always considering what clothes to pack or booking a place to stay. But while you are away, you need to make sure that your home will be safe from burglars or thieves who may target an empty home. Before you pack up and leave for your vacation, there are some things you need to prepare to adequately protect your home. We have created a quick checklist with top tips on how to vacation-proof your home.


Plants and Pets

Something that you will need to prepare depending on the length of your holiday is the care for your pets and indoor plants while you are away. If you ask someone to stop by and water your indoor ferns, you will need to let them know how to get in and lock up once they leave.
With keypad door locks, you can create special codes that your friend or pet sitter can use for the week. Once you are back, you can easily change the door code so that only you have access to your home. Alternatively, smart locks can also allow you to unlock your door remotely from your smartphone, so you know when someone is coming or going.

FSS Technologies offers zWave locks or smart locks from Yale, Kwikset, and Schlag.

Unplug and Shut Off

To keep your property safe from any electrical fires or sparks that may turn into flames, unplug the electronics in your home and turn off the lights. This is also a simple way to save on your electricity bill while you are not there. Double-check that electronics like curling irons are unplugged before you leave.

Depending on the weather of the area you live in, you may choose to shut off your water to avoid any leaky faucets from exacerbating your water bill while you are away. If you live in a cold area and are worried about frozen pipes bursting, open up your cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate, disconnect your hose from the outside faucet, and install heat tape around any exposed pipes.

Don’t Brag About Your Trip… Yet

Sharing on social media that you will be on an extended holiday can make your vacated home a target. Wait until you return to share updates from your trip. As a bonus, time unplugged from social media can be a great way to de-stress.

Automate Your Home

To maintain a reasonable temperature inside your home, a smart thermostat can control the heating and air conditioning automatically. This is an excellent option for those with pets, plants, or pipes you need to keep warm in the winter.

Similarly, smart light controls allow you to turn on and off some of the lights in your home to create the illusion that someone is home. This is a simple but effective way to deter potential thieves or home invaders.

Lock Everything

From your windows to your doors, ensure that every opening to your home is completely locked. This will prevent someone from gaining easy, unforced access to your home and your belongings.

Monitor Your Home

With FSS Technologies’ home security systems, we can help give you the peace of mind you need to fully relax on your trip. We can help you create a residential security package that suits your needs and is customized to your home.

Video doorbells allow you to see who is at your front door, and the mobile app gives you complete access to your security system—from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking to fully unplug or will be in a place without internet access, you should consider home monitoring services offered by many security companies.

Home monitoring means that you have a 24/7 team of security experts ensuring that your home is safe. With FSS Technologies, our highly trained team is immediately notified when an alarm is triggered and they take the proper steps based on your system requirements to make sure your home is safe for you when you get back.

For help vacation-proofing your home, call our experts at FSS Technologies.

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