Lowe’s Iris Line Goes Under

Feb 11, 2019

Many consumers are seeing red with the recent news that big-box retailer Lowe's is shutting down service to its Iris smart home platform.

Lowe's launched its Iris cloud service in 2012 so it could sell its own smart home products to the public. Customers with an Iris smart hub, the heart of the network, could keep in touch with the connected devices in their home via the free Iris app. Smart home products ran the gamut from thermostat controllers to lights and sensors. read more

The Weakness of DIY Security Systems

Jan 24, 2019

When considering getting a home security system, some especially ambitious people might assume they can set up a fully-functioning system themselves. How hard could it be? You're tech-savvy. If you can use a smartphone or set up an Amazon Echo, surely you can slap together a decent DIY security system. The reality is that DIY systems come with some significant drawbacks. Here are some of the things to consider before you decide to take on this project yourself. read more