What to Do After a Break In

Feb 15, 2022

No one ever wants to be victimized by a burglar, but the fact is that many will encounter some sort of theft or break in at some point in their lifetime. In fact, a recent study by Bankrate shows that there are over 1 million burglaries in the United States each year with a new burglary happening approximately every 26 seconds. If your home or business does fall victim to a break in, we’ve outlined some tips below for dealing with the aftermath.

Contact Law Enforcement

If you arrive to your home or business and discover a break in, you should immediately walk back outside, head to a safe place, and call the police. Not only does this alert authorities to an issue, but it also prevents you from potentially contaminating the crime scene. Also, while most burglars would flee as soon as they hear you, some could still possibly be hiding inside your business or residence.

Take Inventory and Assess

Once law enforcement arrives and you can move freely about the crime scene, you’ll need to make a complete inventory of everything that was stolen. Remember to provide a full description of each item along with an approximate value. It might also be beneficial to provide a rough sketch or any strongly identifying marks. You should include the make, model, and serial number (if you can) of any stolen electronics. You will likely need all of this for both the police and insurance reports, plus it can make law enforcement more aware of lost items during the investigation. This would also be the perfect time to review any security footage that might exist. After the police report has been filed, you can then speak to your insurance company. They will most likely send a representative, known as an adjuster, to your home or business to perform their own assessment and collect documentation.

Clean Up and Move Forward

Once law enforcement and your insurance company have collected everything they need, the best thing for any victim following a break in is to clean up and try to resume normal life as quickly as possible. Regaining the peace of mind associated with being at your home or business is invaluable. Board up any broken windows or doors if they can’t be easily repaired or replaced. While cleaning up, you might even find something valuable to police during the investigation. Unfortunately, once a business or home is burglarized, it can easily be burgled again if word gets out.

Protect Yourself for the Future

Now that your home or business has become a target, it’s imperative that you take steps to prevent this from happening again. You might find it helpful to start with a physical security audit, preferably by a professional. While reevaluating your property’s physical security, you might find that the answer is to install a security system.

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