Where Should Fire Alarm Pull Stations Be Located?

While they generally go unnoticed until a moment of need, a fire alarm pull station is an integral part of a business or large residential building’s fire alarm system.

What Is a Fire Alarm Pull Station?

As opposed to a smoke detector or sensor, human intervention activates pull station alarms and is the catalyst for setting off a fire alarm. These stations are utilized when someone identifies fire or smoke in a building, but the alarm has yet to go off. This is an important element of any fire safety system because it provides a manual way for occupants to trigger an alarm if the smoke or heat detectors malfunction.

This requirement is also part of the NFPA 101, which is regulated by your local authority having jurisdiction.

Single or Dual-Action

There are two common types of pull stations, which include single-action and dual-action. A single action is the simple version where all one needs to do is pull down on the lever. A dual-action pull station means that someone needs to take two actions to sound the alarm. In some cases that means opening a box or breaking the glass around the handle before someone can access it.

While a single action pull station is more straightforward, you introduce the risk that a child or someone playing a practical joke can easily access the equipment. A dual-action system is more likely to prevent an accidental activation.

Where Do I Put a Pull Station?

The location of your fire alarm pull stations will depend on the design and occupancy of your building. While most buildings require at least one pull station, many buildings will need multiple across different floors and areas to meet NFPA 72 standards. Pull stations must be located within 200 ft of each other, and 60 inches from exits. If your building has long hallways and a lot of exits, you are likely going to need a lot of fire alarm pull stations. A fire alarm pull station also needs to be placed between 42 and 48 inches from the floor, keeping it accessible to those who use wheelchairs.

Additionally, a fire alarm pull station needs to be red and in a location that is completely unobstructed from obstacles. This way, anyone can access the pull station in an emergency.

How Do I Get Started?

Business and building owners can get started with fire alarm pull station installation as they arrange their fire system installation. Working with an expert team, such as our team at FSS Technologies, allows you to leave the details and the legal requirements for your building to us.

If you have any questions or want to set up a consultation, contact us today!

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