The 4 P's of Home Intrusion

Sep 18, 2018

Home Invasion Hurts

Everyone thinks that a home break in could never happen to them, until it does. In 2016, there were 7,919,035 property crimes reported in the United States. That's a crime committed every four minutes. The damages add up, with losses estimated at $15.6 billion in 2016 alone. Shockingly, 38% of all assaults occur during a home invasion.
38%25 of all assaults occur during a home invasion
Once you discover that your home has been broken into, the headache is only just beginning. Those who have experiencing a home invasion seems to worry about the same things - the four P's. 

Personal Harm

After 40 years in the security alarm business and speaking with many families after they have experienced a home intrusion, the number one concern expressed to me has been their fear of Personal Harm. They could have been home when the intruder entered, or they could have walked in on the burglary in progress. They now realize the genuine danger of what could have happened and how vulnerable they are to Personal Harm. Sadly, a number of those homeowners were home when the intrusion took place, and in some cases, the results were extremely dangerous. After sitting down with these families, most invested in a professionally designed and installed security system for their protection and peace of mind.

Personal Violation

Talking with both the man and the woman of the house, the feeling of being Personally Violated was genuine, thus our second “P.” Having private drawers invaded, the beds unmade, and the entire home rummaged through is very disturbing for the woman of the house. For the man, it was a predator entering his castle and his family being unprotected and him being unable to protect them. This P seems to stir up the strongest emotions of the four.

Personal Identity Theft

Personal Identity Theft is a new “P" added later in my career. Now with the tremendous amount of Personal Identity Theft; having someone stealing your computers and personal belongings leaves you wide open for this criminal activity. This results in a tremendous amount of work required to protect your identity immediately following the intrusion. Then there is the need to find ways to protect the future as well. All the personal information that was gathered in the burglary produces fear and anxiety. A simple handful of bills creates a risk to the family.

Priceless Items

The last “P” becomes a reality for the majority of people after they experience a burglary. Many families don’t realize the valuable items they have in their home. All of us have valuable items, let’s consider for a moment the things we have that no amount of insurance can replace. Grandpa’s gold watch, Grandma’s wedding band or engagement ring and family pictures to mention a few. Insurance does not replace these valuable items. Many people broke down in tears while sharing with me the items that were taken by the intruder. They asked me the question “How can insurance replace these precious keepsakes?”

Hopefully, I have given you an accurate glimpse into the mind of a family after having an intruder enter their home. Some others of you may have been a victim yourself and have experienced these emotions and fears. In either case these P’s point to protecting your home with a professionally designed and installed security system. Call us, and we will help you discover ways you can protect your family and restore your peace of mind.


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