Why Security Camera Installation Should Be Left to the Professionals

Oct 11, 2019

Why You Should Hire a Professional Security Camera Installer 

If you are not a professional in the audio-visual field, installing quality, capable home security equipment can be a much bigger ordeal than you anticipated. The DIY home security systems advertised on television look easy to set up and install. The truth is that we’ve received many calls from frustrated homeowners who have spent hours trying to install these systems to no avail.

installing quality, capable home security equipment can be a much bigger ordeal than you anticipated

Common Reasons to Hire a Professional 

  1. Wireless cameras are typically not wholly wireless because they still need a power source. Yes, some cameras work on batteries, but usually, the batteries don’t last for a long enough time.
  2. Wireless video is only as good as the internet stream. If your wireless camera does not have the internet bandwidth to support it, you will experience significant delays during the video transmission.
  3. Wireless cameras usually don’t work great at night or in low-light areas.
  4. Improper installation or location of a wireless video camera will cause you to be severely disappointed in the camera’s performance. 

Professionals Have the Right Knowledge

Professional camera installers know what types of lenses to use to make sure you get the picture quality you need.
Professional camera installers know how to evaluate the unique features of your home to know what type of transmission method to recommend for your equipment (wired or wireless).
Professional camera installers understand lumens and the importance of proper lighting when installing cameras. If you need a camera in a low-light area, they can assist you in choosing a camera with infrared light to enhance your video quality.
Professional camera installers will be in and out of your home promptly. They will do all the programming for you, and are just a call away if you ever have a problem with your system

Quality, professional, hassle-free home security is not cost-prohibitive

How much does professional camera installation cost?

It will vary based on several factors:
  • Type of equipment you choose.
  • The number of cameras you want to install.
  • Where the equipment needs to be installed. 
A ballpark price is between $1,000 - $1,500 for a four-camera system with a digital/network recorder, a phone app, and installation.
Are you surprised? Quality, professional, hassle-free home security is not cost-prohibitive. FSS offers several affordable options for cameras that include cloud storage, phone app viewing, and more. Give us a call for a free evaluation. 

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