Motion Detector Installation Basics

Nov 24, 2021

Motion detection devices are at the core of any security system, commercial or residential. They allow owners to cover a relatively large amount of space with a small number of devices. Motion detectors also are known to detect activity that window sensors might miss. When it comes time to install motion detection devices, remember these tips to stay ahead of any potential intruders.


One of the main strengths of motion detection devices is their ability to efficiently cover maximum square footage. When installing motion detectors in your house or business, remember to focus on high-traffic areas or central locations. Areas like hallways and staircases should have ample coverage to catch intruders as they move from room to room. Be sure to also have plenty of coverage in rooms that will have big ticket items like TVs, gaming consoles, or other tech.

Room Coverage

When choosing the perfect location for your motion detector, be sure to pick the spot that covers your room the most effectively and efficiently. Our rule of thumb is to place the motion detection device in the corner of the room facing the entrance. This location not only focuses the camera toward the likely action, but it also helps to eliminate any blind spots. 
A motion detector would also ideally be mounted at around six to eight feet off the ground. This amount of height allows for it to be triggered by anyone walking in the vicinity. Remember that different motion detectors have different range specifications so be sure to consult resources for your specific detectors.

Avoiding False Alarms

While the term “false alarm” has negative connotations, it often refers to your security system working too well and being triggered outside of a true emergency. Alleviating this issue can often be done by recalibrating the system or rethinking sensor placement.

Many motion detectors rely on a heat-sensing technology to trip their alarm. Things such as animals, bursts of sunlight or curtains and plants blowing from fans are all enough to activate a motion detector. Keep that in mind when determining the perfect location for your device. For customers seeking additional solutions for animals, pet-immune motion detectors are available in an array of makes and models. Be sure to research your specific device as some models support highly personalized settings.  

Mapping out the ideal setup for you motion detection devices will help them protect your home or business at peak performance. On the other hand, installing them haphazardly can lead to issues in performance and false alarms. By partnering with FSS Technologies, our customers get the benefit of being able to trust their property to a group of certified security professionals while also receiving the personalized services of a small, family-owned business.

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