How to Choose a Security Monitoring Company

A security monitoring company is one that specializes in monitoring your alarm system. If the system detects an issue, such as a fire, break-in, or another emergency, it notifies a response team at the central monitoring agency, and sometimes, it will even inform emergency responders such as police or firefighters.

Most reputable monitoring companies can monitor your alarm system no matter what company installed it or what manufacturer made the equipment, provided they are equipped to monitor the type of connection you have.


3 Ways to Connect Your Security System to a Monitoring Station


This is your basic phone connection. While landlines are mostly obsolete, it’s one of the most cost-effective options. If your business is in an area with unreliable cellular coverage, you’ll want to consider a landline option. The downfall of a landline is that a burglar can cut your home or business’s phone wire to disconnect your security system.


Broadband monitoring uses your Internet connection to notify the monitoring company of an emergency. If you have reliable Internet service, this is a good option. If your Internet connection is slow or infrequent, so too will be the reliability of notifications getting to your monitoring company.


This is one of the most reliable methods of communicating with your monitoring company and least susceptible to tampering, but it is also the most expensive.

Other Considerations

If the monitoring company can communicate on the same connection as your equipment, start to do some additional digging.

  • Make sure the central monitoring station providing your monitoring service is on the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified list.

  • Check out sites like Consumer Reports or other review sites to see what people have to say about the monitoring company’s service.

  • Call up the company for yourself and talk to a customer service representative. Are the representatives friendly, patient, and helpful?

  • How will their company handle things like false alarms?

  • Is there a back-up monitoring station that takes over if the central monitoring station is disabled for some reason?

If you are considering a package deal, and the company monitoring your home security system also is going to be the company installing your security system, ask some specific questions up-front:

  • Will the equipment they are installing work with other alarm monitoring vendors? Some security companies only provide proprietary alarm systems, so the only way your system will function correctly is if the company that sold it to you monitors it.

  • Do I have to sign a contract and pay for monitoring for a specific period (often up to three years), or can I pay for monitoring on a month-to-month basis?

  • Is the price of my monitoring guaranteed for the entire term or can it be increased?

  • If I cancel my monitoring contract, will I owe you money for the security equipment or any other fees? 

  • How updated is the security equipment? Is it the most recent version?

  • Are there maintenance fees if the equipment malfunctions?

  • Is there a separate installation fee?

Don’t feel pressured into entering any contract for home security monitoring services. Learn about your options. If you would like more information about home security monitoring, FSS Technologies is only a phone call away. We are able to answer any questions regarding service or installation and can even evaluate the right system for you, based on your individual needs.

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