3 Ways to Prevent Shoplifting

Mar 25, 2019

How to Reduce Shoplifting

It’s not a five-finger discount. It’s not freetail therapy. It’s not a pocket purchase. It’s not a case of the winonas. Shoplifting is theft, pure and simple.

Preventing shoplifting is a big deal if you’re a retailer. According to the 2018 National Retail Security Survey, shoplifting continues to be the leading cause of loss of inventory for retailers. Loss of stock is a big deal in this country – to the tune of nearly $47 billion.

The survey also identifies the top ways retailers try to prevent shoplifting, as well as other types of theft. No surprise, the number one, two and three most used ways continue to be through the components of a professional security system.

Small Business Burglar Alarm System

A basic burglar alarm usually protects the entrance and exit points to a building, the doors, and windows. If trigger, it emits an ear-piercing warning sound that someone is entering without permission. 

Remote IP CCTV Monitoring 

Rather than having a live person watching a closed captioning screen around the clock, the preferred method of CCTV monitoring today is done by remote IP, allowing retailers to view surveillance video from any internet-enabled PC or smartphone. Makes sense as most people today live busy lives and continued pressure on margins makes it expensive to employ around-the-clock staff. 

Digital Video Recorders

Even when someone isn’t watching the surveillance video live on their smartphone, the footage is still being captured on a digital video recorder from strategically placed security cameras.
Personnel used to combat shoplifting is decreasing, according to the report, with the number of uniformed guards, fitting room attendants, door greeters, and receipt checkers all dropping in usage for deterring theft.

Other steps retailers take to prevent shoplifting include, observation mirrors, electronic security tags, and physical locks and cables. Proper screening and training for employees also go a long way in helping to prevent shoplifting, especially for small business security.

Bottom line though: a professional security system is a smart, long-term investment to help deter or document shoplifting so that the criminal can be apprehended and prosecuted.

At FSS Technologies, our security team is trained on the latest technology and will take the time to walk you through each step of the process and provide you with a custom security system that fits your business and your budget.
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