5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Security System

Mar 05, 2018

  peace-of-mind.jpg1. Peace of Mind
Have you heard that bump in the night and ever wondered what made the noise? A home security system will allow you to view your security footage, so you are able to investigate without going outside to inspect.

We hear different reasons from customers: the bedroom is upstairs, and they are unable to hear anything happening downstairs; they want to know their property is safe while they are away on vacation; or that they know they can rest comfortably in their home without having to keep one eye open for intruders.

  smoke-alarm.jpg2. Smoke and CO2 Alarms
All gas appliances produce carbon dioxide and can be extremely dangerous for humans and pets living in a home.  It is impossible for the human nose to detect, so having a system monitor this for you is a literal life saver.

Most house fires start at night or when no one is at home.  Your smoke detector may alert you of a fire, but it likely does not alert the fire department for you. These features are essential to your well-being.

home-automation.jpg3. Home Automation
98% of people with a cellular device do not leave home without them.  With a whole home security system, you can always be connected to your home using home automation.  You can view security cameras remotely, lock and unlock doors, even turn lights on and off.  You can keep your home safe by simply touching a button, no matter where you are in the world.

girl-getting-off-bus.jpg4. Keep an Eye on Your Kids
Know exactly when your children are arriving home from school and be able to ensure they make it safely inside by viewing your camera footage.  You can also check on your sleeping infant without leaving the room you are in. 

Everyone knows that it is tough to leave your children with a babysitter, but with a home security system you can check in whenever you need to.  Have peace of mind that your children are in good hands and enjoy your night away.

save-money.jpg5. Home Security Systems Are Affordable
We don’t blink an eye when we spend $5 a day on coffee, $15 a day on lunch, and upwards of $150 a month on cable television.  But did you know it only costs around $1 a day for your home security system?

A base system usually runs around $349, but this is an investment for your family.  This investment immediately goes to work for you, keeping your home and your family safe and secure.


All our customers have a home security system for different reasons – some like to use the home automation features to turn their lights on when they will be home late, some appreciate the alarm monitoring services, or others like it simply for the security it brings them. Without question, they can all agree that their home alarm brings them peace of mind.

FSS can help you build a custom security solution to fit your needs and budget. Call us today for a free evaluation of your home.

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