What to Do After a Burglary

Jun 28, 2018

Arriving home to find that your home has been burglarized is one of the worst feelings someone can have.  You're left feeling raw, vulnerable, and angry. In this time of high stress, it may be hard to put your thoughts together to remember everything that now needs to be done.  We have put together a list to help make things easier for victims of property crimes.

1. Immediately leave the house and call 911. 

The criminal may still be in your home and may attack you or your loved ones if confronted. Your safety should be your number one priority, so be sure to leave your home until law enforcement can verify that it is safe to reenter. Once you are safely outside, call emergency services. You do not have to know what items were stolen before you call the police.

2. Don't touch anything.

Officers may be able to find fingerprints or other evidence left behind by the perpetrator. By touching anything in your home, you are potentially erasing delicate fingerprints that could be used to find the person responsible for the burglary. 

3. Take inventory of your valuables.

Once police have allowed you back into your home, go through your house room by room and take stock of any items that may be missing or property that is damaged.  You will need a complete list of this to provide to the authorities and your insurance company. Try to take note of any makes, models, or serial numbers from any items missing or damaged.  Once you have the police report, you can then file a claim with your insurance company.

4. Clean up.

Go through your home thoroughly and try to put everything back where it was. Ask friends and family for support, as cleaning up the mess of a burglar may be upsetting for you. Be vigilant and keep an eye out for anything unfamiliar, as something may have been left behind by the criminal.  If you do find something unusual, call the officers working your case and let them know that you may have found evidence.  Be sure not to touch it before law enforcement can collect it.

5. Don't let yourself be a victim twice.

While there is no absolute guarantee that your home will not be another victim of property crime, you can take steps to prevent this from happening to you again. Evaluate the safety of your home. Research residential security options and speak with a reputable local security company that can put your fears at ease. 
Having your home broken into can be a challenging and confusing point in your life, but following the steps above can allow you to start on the right path to rebuilding your safe haven. Our team at FSS Technologies can help you find the right home security system to fit your needs and budget. Call today to speak with one of our security experts.

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