What Do Villages Require to Add a Security System?

What Is a Village?

A village in the United States is defined as a small municipality with limited corporate powers. A village government usually consists of a village board made up of trustees and a village president.

Village Building Codes Have Minimum Requirements

Every village adopts its own building codes to establish minimum requirements for the safety and well-being of the property owner, occupants, and the general public.
Not only does the village adopt its own building codes, but it sets the rules and regulations for any permits that are required for construction activity, repair and replacement projects, inspections, and permit fees.
The codes and standards that serve as the minimum required guidelines for building codes are the International Building Code (IBC), put out by the International Code Council (ICC), and the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code or “NFPA 72” by the National Fire Protection Alliance (NFPA).
all building codes have minimum requirements

How Are the Codes Enforced?

However, the codes don’t become enforceable until your local state government adopts the codes as laws. Furthermore, states grant cities, counties, and villages the authority to administer government on the local level. So, while regular updates are being made to these building and fire codes, your state or your village may have not yet adopted the most current version.  

Find Out How Your Village Is Regulated

Some villages may require a nominal fee, some may only require you to register your devices, and some may have no requirements at all. It is best to check with your village government to find out what is required to add a security system or fire protection system to your home or office.
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