Items Burglars Want Most

Mar 09, 2022

Burglars move quickly. Because they tend to spend as little as ten minutes inside a home or business, there are a few big-ticket items that commonly fall prey to thieves. While some of the items on our list come to mind instantly, some may be more subtle and securing them could be a gamechanger for your overall security.


This one is obvious. Businesses that deal heavily in cash like retailers, gas stations, bars, restaurants, and clubs are all prime targets. Cash is easy to deal with, practically untraceable, and doesn’t need to be resold in order to offer value. If possible, you should avoid keeping copious amounts of cash inside your home or business.


Because of the high costs associated with technology, newer electronics are a popular target for burglars. The resale value is high on both the electronics themselves and the parts they’re made from. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with tech savvy thieves, they could possibly gain access to your sensitive data and personal information stored on such devices which could cause even greater issues. Make sure that you register and record product serial numbers, use passwords, and follow all security measures suggested for your particular devices.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications are very popular with burglars, especially ones that sell well or have a high street value. Many commonly prescribed drugs are highly profitable with illegal drug dealers. Certain medications are also commonly stolen by people suffering from addiction. Because these types of thieves are typically stealing out of desperation, they can be more dangerous than a typical burglar.


As we’ve seen many times in film and television, thieves want jewelry. Not only is it rather easy to steal and carry, but it has a high value at the pawn shop. Some stores even specialize in selling gold, silver, and precious gems so thieves have options for resale.


Guns and ammunition are commonly stolen by thieves. Due to firearms being expensive and sometimes difficult to get, they can be a huge target. They carry a very high price tag on the black market, and the demand far outweighs the supply. Securing firearms and ammunition properly in a gun safe might sound over the top, but it proves highly effective at deterring gun thieves.


Power tools might not be one of the items you’d expect to find on our list, but they commonly go missing during burglaries. This could even apply to decently valued and easily moved kitchen appliances. Items like these are easily resold and can definitely be worth a burglar’s time.

While this list is certainly not comprehensive, it sheds light on some of the most commonly stolen items that home and business owners deal with today. A custom, professionally installed security system from FSS Technologies could be the solution to ward off any potential thieves. Contact us today for a security audit and plan to protect your home or business.

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