How to Maintain a Commercial Security System

Updated May 2023

With the latest advances in security technology, it’s becoming easier for small businesses to find a security system that works for their needs. Whether your business just installed your commercial security system or has been utilizing security measures for some time, proper maintenance will increase the life of your system and provide better overall protection from potential threats.

Common Issues with Commercial Security Systems

There are a variety of issues that can arise with a security system in a commercial building. Some of the most common include:

  • Alarm system calibration issues

  • Incorrect programming of your alarm safety system

  • Security system arms or disarms incorrectly

  • False alarms due to poor programming of the system

  • Non-functioning security locks, sensors, cameras, or other components

While some of these issues require a service technician, proper maintenance can help your business avoid problems or improve device health. Consult a professional on any inspections or repairs beyond an amateur’s scope.

Ways to Help Maintain Your System

Maintaining a commercial security system is typically something left to professionals, but there are ways that you can help contribute to your security system’s health.

  • Ensure door locks are clean and can function properly and smoothly.

  • Cameras should be clear of obstructions, and lenses and connections should be clean.

  • Check battery levels within all battery-powered devices.

  • Routinely check with your manufacturer or service provider to ensure your system’s software and firmware are updated to reduce vulnerability at your commercial property.

Regular Inspections for Commercial Systems Matter

While these efforts will significantly increase the likelihood of your system lasting, the best way to maintain your commercial security system is by partnering with a professional security team to provide regular inspections. At a minimum, you should have your system inspected annually. More checks could be needed if you are dealing with an older system. Professional inspections for commercial systems should include the following:

  • Visual inspection and any necessary cleaning of devices and electronics

  • Verification of all communication links, including to the monitoring station

  • Performance of a “walk-test” (walking around the secure area to intentionally set off the system)

  • Any needed software updates or data backups

When partnering with FSS Technologies, our customers can rest easy knowing they’re in excellent hands when it comes to securing their business. Our certified security professionals can easily inspect your current system, perform service, and advise you on any security questions or concerns.

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