Has My Home Security System Been Hacked?

Jun 04, 2020

With more DIY security systems than ever available with the touch of a button, families around the world are choosing to protect their homes with easy to install cameras and alarms. The expert team at FSS Technologies aims to help homeowners make the right choice for their families when selecting a home security system.

A DIY security system can fail you with false alarms, loss of power, and the ease at which hackers can target flaws in your system. The inherent vulnerabilities of self-installation and improper testing are some of the reasons that FSS customers have shied away from DIY security systems.

According to a 2018 Consumer Reports survey, 54 percent of Americans chose not to use smart devices due to loss of privacy.


Can My Security System be Hacked?

Security systems that operate via wireless connections can be susceptible to being hacked. Using cheap tools that can easily be purchased, the DIY security systems are especially vulnerable to privacy issues. A video by LockPickingLawyer on Youtube demonstrates the ease with which a SimpliSafe Alarm can be bypassed.

Unlike professional security companies, DIY security systems do not offer cameras with advanced encryption. Because of this, outside sources can easily access these unguarded security cameras.

Your Wi-Fi router and internet connection can also make your system weak, either through deactivation of the internet itself or by gaining access to your connection.


Types of Security Hacks

There are multiple types of hacks, including scenarios where a hacker remotely finds network vulnerabilities to access your security system. If you have re-used passwords across your security system and internet router, you may be more at risk of this type of hack. When significant data breaches occur—such as one that allowed 500,000 Zoom passwords to get hacked—people who re-use the same passwords for different programs are allowing hackers to gain easy access to their personal information.

For a local attack, a hacker would need to be within the CCTV system’s control room. If your home or property is large and you have installed a central CCTV operation, it may be possible for someone to infiltrate this space and gain access to your system.

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack can occur when devices can be overloaded by different devices. This is a targeted attack that interrupts the service, makes the device slow, or prevents it from doing its intended tasks. Many cameras and even thermostats can be hacked due to the lack of security that protects them from these types of attacks.


Why Would Someone Hack my Security System?

There are many reasons why potential burglars may want to hack your security system. Most notably, it is because they are planning to target your home or business for future theft.

By hacking into cameras or deactivating alarms, thieves can access your home or information. This not only makes your property vulnerable to theft, but also makes the information tied to your security system account vulnerable. Any passwords or payment information related to your DIY security system may be exposed and accessible to a hacker.  


Has my Security System Been Hacked?

If you notice any unusual movement in your security cameras, noises from your two-way communication features, or unauthorized password changes, someone may have hacked your system. Most DIY security system cameras have LED lights that indicate the camera is actively being accessed.

How Can I Prevent a Hack?

There are numerous advantages to having an alarm system, including home automation and peace of mind. Entrusting your home security with a team of experts will allow you and your family to rest easy, knowing that your home is in good hands. Begin by understanding how alarm monitoring works, and consider the 5 reasons why you need a home security system

Mobile apps such as Alarm.com give users an overview of their system activity, allowing homeowners to control their usage log.

monitored home security system can provide comprehensive protection in the event of an emergency. With your home alarms being watched 24/7, trained professionals will also be looking for any signals that a hacker may be trying to access your security system.

Implementing a smart home security system is easy with FSS Technologies, as our trained professionals guide you through our entire process.


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