Choosing a Safe Neighborhood in Chicago

Updated: March 2022

There are a lot of great places to live in Chicago. From the historic vibe of Printers Row to the ultra-stylish River North, there are neighborhoods to fit every personality. But are they safe?
It turns out, many of them are. According to—which ranks neighborhoods based on crime, schools, cost of living, etc.—the short commuting times to downtown, plenty of transit stops, and walkability make the neighborhoods below some of Chicago’s safest places to live.

Safest Places to Live in Chicago

Printers Row

This neighborhood offers fantastic nightlife, numerous dining options, and close proximity to downtown and Grant Park. Printers Row features a dense, urban community with one of the best safety ratings in the city.


Greektown not only boasts a lower crime rate, but it’s also walkable, features an abundance of dining options, and easy ways to commute downtown.

West Loop

West Loop is touted by many as the “foodie” capital of Chicago. But it also brings pedestrian and bike-friendly streets, community parks, and excellent public schools to the table.

River North

While slightly more separated from the downtown area, River North still has a very urban feel. River North also maintains low crime rates and above average public schools, most likely due to the area’s elevated cost of living.
Beyond these four gems, Loop, Streeterville, Near South Side, and the Gold Coast neighborhoods also have much to offer. You might even be able to score a home at an affordable price point in an up-and-coming area like Avondale.
Whichever neighborhood you choose, you should consider walkability, commuting options, and perhaps most importantly, how connected it is. Internet speeds can have a significant effect on your home security system, so if you’re planning on putting down roots in an area, it’s essential to work with security professionals to get the most out of your system.
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