Can Video Doorbells Be Used in Apartments?

It is at the discretion of your building manager as to whether you can use a video doorbell for your apartment.

There usually are two concerns that arise when it comes to video doorbell usage in a rented property: installation concerns and privacy concerns.

Issues with Video Doorbells

Installation Concerns

Many video doorbell systems require a hardwired connection for power, which means that the doorbell needs to be connected to the building’s primary electrical system to receive power. Some landlords will not allow this.
If the landlord allows you to connect to the central electrical system, they may stipulate that a qualified electrical professional must do the installation. They may also require you to uninstall the video doorbell and repair any damages incurred because of the installation before you move.

You can purchase a battery-powered video doorbell, but there may still be some drilling required to attach it to the wall next to the door, which may or may not be approved by building management.


Privacy Concerns

Another concern with installing video doorbells in an apartment complex is privacy. A video doorbell in an apartment complex may record video in areas that are shared by all the residents in the building.

Depending on the orientation of your entryway, your video doorbell could be aimed at a shared hallway or possibly even your neighbor’s main doorway; this is a violation of privacy rights for other tenants and their guests.

Bottom Line

As a renter of an apartment unit, you need permission from the building owner or manager before installing a video doorbell.    

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