Which Businesses are Burglarized Most?

Aug 12, 2021

The idea of business theft and burglary is not a pleasant one; however, the likelihood of your business being burglarized is rather high. In fact, approximately 22% of small business owners are impacted by burglary or theft each year. Retail businesses in particular are highly targeted as thieves are seeking the opportunity to either use or resell stolen items. Everything from simple shoplifting to employee theft can contribute to overall business losses. 

Theft is typically associated with petty shoplifting, but it can also refer to organized retail crime and employee theft 

In fact, employee theft is so common that 64% of small businesses have claimed to experience employee theft, while only 16% reported the incident to law enforcement. While theft can have a major impact on overall inventory losses, crimes like fraud and embezzlement also act as a form of employee theft.  

Small businesses are highly susceptible to fraud as there is typically less oversight in comparison to major corporations. According to an embezzlement study by Hiscox, an overwhelming amount of embezzlement crimes are committed by someone at the managerial level.  

The easiest way to prevent burglary is by securing all entry points for your business 

The majority of theft occurs as a crime of opportunity—something as simple as an unlocked door or broken window. By lessening these types of opportunities, businesses can easily mitigate burglaries.  

Be cognizant of who the business keyholders are. It’s best to limit the number of keys given out for a business but ensure that all keys are accounted for. It is important to make sure they are promptly returned when people leave the company.  

Install an alarm or closed-circuit television system (CCTV)  

Alarm systems are highly effective at protecting your business from theft or burglary, and they don’t have to be overly pricey. Make sure that whichever alarm system you choose allows for remote monitoring and control from either a smartphone, tablet or computer and uses a central monitoring station for 24/7 coverage.  

CCTV system adds an extra layer of security by providing video surveillance of the inside and/or outside of your business. CCTV also provides business owners with the security of being able to see and recall instances from inside the business. The presence of cameras could even completely deter any potential thieves. Video surveillance also offers the added benefit of being able to keep an eye on employees. This not only helps deter employee theft, but also improves employee productivity.  

Securing your business is vital for protecting your property and employees, whether your business is open or closed. The FSS Technologies team can help you identify and assess any security risks that exist and we will work diligently to build a security system that suits your needs. 

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