Are You a Spectrum Customer Losing Service?

When Spectrum closed the doors on its home security system business in February 2020, many customers were left high and dry. 

The Spectrum Backstory 

Spectrum is a subsidiary of Charter Communications, the second-largest cable provider in the country offering service in 42 states. Charter inherited Spectrum in a 2016 merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network. 

Charter stopped marketing the Spectrum home security system almost immediately after the merger but didn’t officially notify customers until December of 2019 that it would cancel the service entirely. 

Spectrum systems came standard with two door and window wireless sensors, a wireless motion detector, a touchscreen, yard sign, and window decals. Spectrum sold wireless video cameras and additional sensors as add-ons to its standard system. 

The way all Spectrum security components are coded makes them incompatible with other devices, rendering them obsolete in the wake of the closure. 

DIY Discounts? 

While Spectrum offered existing security service customers discounts on similar services from Ring or Abode, it had no plans to make its equipment compatible with other systems or provide rebates for equipment customers bought. 

So why not go with Ring or Abode to provide your security needs? There are several reasons: 

  • Security within the security equipment—Earlier this year, we told you about somehacking issues Ring faced and their response to the problem. 

  • While Ring has compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa (Ring is an Amazon subsidiary) and Google Home, it has a limited line of equipment that reduces the system’s overall effectiveness. 

  • On the equipment front, Abode doesn’t have a built-in streaming camera on the Gateway system, and its add-ons – including door and window sensors – are expensive. 

  • There are many potential problems with do-it-yourself security—You won’t have any certified technicians for installation. And, even though Ring, Abode and others tout their straight-from-the-box simplicity, there could be some issues for customers who aren’t especially tech-savvy.  

Professional-Grade Security is Affordable 

There is a misconception in the marketplace that professional-grade security is costly or that it isn’t as simple to use as out-of-the-box options. That’s simply not true.  

At FSS, we offer simple to use mobile apps and equipment that is compatible with Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.  

The difference is that the platform we use to interconnect your security components ( is compatible with equipment from a wide variety of component manufacturers, including systems made by DSC, GE Security, Interlogix, Qolsys, and 2GIG.  

We partner with reputable manufacturers and our team meets with each customer individually. We work with you to assess your needs before designing a customizedsystem. 

When it comes to price, we bet you’ll be amazed at the affordability of professional home security. A typical 3-bedroom setup might include three door monitors, one motion sensor, one keypad, and an integrated phone app for only $300 and with $35/month professional monitoring. 

If other companies have burned you, we’re ready to help.

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