5G Security Concerns & the 3G Sunset

Jun 17, 2020

Consumers are using the internet on the go more than ever. By 2022, it is projected that consumers will utilize nearly 11GB of data per month, primarily due to video consumption. To create a more robust and long-term solution, technology infrastructure is working towards the next generation of mobile networks: 5G.

With this network upgrade comes a transition away from 3G, an older network that will no longer be supported by most telecommunication companies. While the world moves towards stronger wireless capacity, ensure that your security system will continue to keep your home safe.

What is 5G?

Over the next decade, the US and the world will expand to 5G mobile networks. Currently, major telecommunications companies in the United States are working on establishing and improving their 5G networks.

5G is a faster, more capable, and more unified platform than any of the previous generations of mobile networks. According to Qualcomm, this network has been designed to transform the world we live in providing mobile users with faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for devices.

The 3G Sunset

As these new and improved networks are laid out, many security companies are warning of the 3G Sunset. Many service providers plan to turn off 3G networks, meaning anything that runs off a 3G Network will be unable to function. 3G Sunset dates in the US are expected to take place before the end of 2022.

Ending these networks will allow telecommunication companies to provide more support for newer devices and systems. There will be additional capacity for 4G LTE and the expansion of 5G.

If your home security system is three years or older, it will most likely be affected by the 3G Sunset. In this case, it will no longer communicate with your monitoring system. If your alarm system has 4G or LTE capability you will be able to continue using the same equipment.

What to Do

The 3G Sunset will affect many of the devices you use daily if they are connected to wireless networks. This includes smartphones, tablets, smart appliances, and home security systems.
If your system is currently operating on a 3G network, it is time to update it before the technology becomes obsolete. Upgrading your security system will allow you to enjoy continued coverage, without any interruptions.

For FSS Technologies customers, your panel will require an update from one of our skilled technicians. Schedule an appointment to set up a time that suits you, and we will walk you through our entire process.

Our priority is always the security of your home and business. We can help you smoothly transition to a system that will work better (and faster) while keeping your family or employees safe. Click the link below to schedule your upgrade.

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